Amber was adopted!
Pit Bull Terrier

Big fan of: Snuggling and loving on you; and attention—Amber will watch patiently as people visit other dogs at our Adoption Center, hoping they’ll come see her, too.

Not a fan of: Being in our Adoption Center. Though we’re making her as comfortable as possible, Amber lost her previous home under sad circumstances and would really prefer to be a part of a loving family again. 

Special features: Amber comes housetrained, though she may need a quick refresher in your home. She knows Sit, Down, Stay and Come already, but she’d love to bond with you by learning more stuff in exchange for treats.

Dream home: Amber would like a home with kids eight and up (or possibly younger) where she can get lots of affection and be your only dog—Amber does not enjoy the company of fellow canines. She is just fine spending the day at home by herself.

If you’re interested: Please call our Adoption Center in New York City at (212) 876-7700, ext. 4900.