Teresa was adopted!

About Teresa:  If you’re looking for a small cat with a big personality, Teresa is the one for you. This petite kitty is fearless, playful and ready for anything that comes her way. She loves attention and affection from her special people. She also loves to wrap herself up so tightly in her favorite blanket that ASPCA staff have taken to calling it her “purrito.”

Dream home: To ensure her optimal urinary health, Teresa needs her new family to provide her with prescription food. If you’ve got a teens-and-up home without other cats, Queen Teresa would love to have you as her loyal subject! To adopt her, please call (212) 876-7700, ext. 4120, for our Adoptions department.


Teresa rolling around
MYM Feline-ality:
Leader of the Band

I'm a cat who does everything in a big way. I not only like to be in the middle of things-I like to lead the parade. I'm an adventurous cat, but I'll still make plenty of time to show you my affectionate side. I'm the demonstrative type, you might say. Want a cat who's brimming with confidence? That's me.