Rufus was adopted!

About Rufus:
Rufus is well behaved, and very easy to care for. He’s a creature of habit, and enjoys his afternoon routine of watching bird videos with his officemate. He loves visitors, and greets everyone who comes to see him with enthusiasm. Rufus is also responsive to human voices, and likes to tilt his head back and forth while the speaker phone is on as though he’s part of the conversation.

Dream Home:
Rufus recently met several dogs during Take Your Dog to Work Day. He did not show any signs of fear or aggression. With a proper introduction, Rufus would do well with a canine companion.

Rufus loves to interact and play with his officemate, but he can also entertain himself for hours by looking out the office window, watching his videos or playing. Anyone would be lucky to bring home this sweet cat!

Office Foster Cat:

As part of our adoption program, some of our feline friends have the opportunity to live in ASPCA team members' offices. Living in an office allows cats to have a more comfortable and domestic living space, and allows our behaviorists to learn more about each individual kitty's personality and needs. Through the office foster program, we are able to offer adopters a clearer picture of how their new feline friend will adjust to life in a permanent home. If you're interested in adopting one of our office companion kitties, or for more information, please call (212) 876-7700, ext. 4120.