Harrison was adopted!
Grey/White Tabby

About Harrison: With the body of a cat and the soul of a dog, this curious young fellow is waiting for a challenge. Harrison is a whiz at the most difficult puzzle toys—hide a treat somewhere and he will find it. In the Feline Olympics, Harrison would win a gold medal for gymnastics. When he is in the mood, he can jump very high to catch a kibble or toy that has been tossed in the air. He’ll even give you a “high five” when treats are involved! He always wants to be a part of whatever is going on around him and never shies away from the action.

Dream Home: Harrison would do best with an experienced adopter who appreciates an active and very smart cat. He’ll play for hours on end, but he’ll also relax and spend some time observing his surroundings. Harrison would love to welcome some other cats into his circle of friends. He’ll get along best with teens 14-and-up.