Gizmo was adopted!
Brown Tabby

Office Foster Cat

As part of our adoption program, some of our feline friends have the opportunity to live in ASPCA team members' offices. Living in an office allows cats to have a more comfortable and domestic living space, and allows our behaviorists to learn more about each individual kitty's personality and needs. Through the office foster program, we are able to offer adopters a clearer picture of how their new feline friend will adjust to life in a permanent home.

What Gizmo’s Office Foster Parent Says about Her:

Gizmo loves to play! Making funny “intense” expressions and adorable mini-growls, she can chase bird toys and peacock feathers for hours. Her favorite activity is to dive through a tube to “surprise” a feather toy. Her playfulness and furr-ocious tiger markings aside, Gizmo is also a sweet cat who likes being gently petted and to sit near her human friends. She loves visitors--at the foster office, she comes right up to the door to greet coworkers (and to see if they have a toy). Gizmo would love someone who will show her a lot of attention and play time.