Your Favorite Rescue Dog Is Looking for a Home!

October 14, 2022


Today’s your lucky day! Your favorite rescue pup is available for adoption! If you’re feeling ready to adopt and make a difference in a dog’s life this Adopt a Shelter Dog Month, then learn more about Kayak, Kaycee, Millie and Spinel to see which dog could be your perfect pair. 



Ready to take a wild ride with Kayak? As her name may imply, Kayak loves outdoor adventures and would love an adopter who wants to take her along! The volunteers who take Kayak on field trips to the park tell us that “she has a relaxed and sweet demeanor,” “loves sitting down and relaxing by the river” and “enjoys watching boats and other things on beautiful days.” 

Kayak doesn’t love being left alone and can sometimes get a bit excited, so her new adopter should be ready to keep her busy with continued positive reinforcement training. Kayak would love to live with older kids and a home without any other pups. 

If you want to learn more about Kayak, check out her profile!



Say hello to Kaycee! We don’t pick favorites, but if we did, Kaycee would certainly be one of them! Volunteers and his foster report: “Kaycee is a very easygoing, happy and curious dog. He is mellow, sweet and gentle!” After a few seconds of zoomies, he is ready to settle down in his favorite cozy place and nap all day. 

Kaycee is a huge fan of the couch, rope toys, helping you put on your socks, burying his toys and bowing at other dogs. Kaycee isn’t a fan of suitcases, cats and getting his ears wet. Kaycee knows: “sit,” “down,” “jump up,” and “high five,” and is learning to spin.

Ready to add Kaycee into your life? Then check out his profile to learn more! 

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Meet Millie! Millie is a spry, energetic and affectionate girl who LOVES hanging out with her favorite people. She also enjoys getting attention, pets and long, quiet walks with her dog friends where she can sniff and investigate all the world has to offer. 

Millie is working on building relationship with new people and is always braver when she has another confident dog around to help show her the ropes. Therefore, Millie would love to go to a home with a patient and supportive adopter with a confident dog who can help teach her that the world is great. 

Check out Millie’s profile to learn all about her!



Spinel can’t wait to finally have a home! She is a calm, mature gal ready to enjoy long, peaceful days lounging around with her new family. After spending over two years in the shelter, Spinel is ready to find an adopter who will cherish her and give her the home she has always dreamed of—a home where can perch on a soft bed while enjoying a bully stick and your company! 

Spinel loves quietly hanging out with her canine friends, and although she can enjoy short walks with friends, would like nothing more than to spend her time sitting by your side and being hand-delivered snacks like the queen she is! 

If you’d like to learn more about Spinel, check out her profile!

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