Yes, This Is a Real Job! How to Be a Purrfessional Kitten Cuddler

May 8, 2019

Kitten Cuddler

It’s kitten season. And with all of the tiny, fluffy feline friends arriving at shelters nationwide this time of year, we are in desperate need of purrfessional kitten cuddlers. That’s right, you heard us: Purrfessional kitten cuddling is a job! You might not get a paycheck (OK, you won’t get a paycheck), but your riches will come in the form of lots of love, compassion and kitten cuddle puddles. And what could be more rewarding than that? Read on to see if you fit the bill for this incredible opportunity! 


Kitten cuddling ain’t easy but somebody’s gotta do it! In this role you will care for tiny feline friends who need your love, care and a safe place to play and grow until they are old enough and strong enough for adoption. As a kitten cuddler, you will need to have a big heart and lots of love to give. 

Cuddlers can set their own schedules as they adapt to their kittens’ needs. Having a 9-5 job is okay! As long as the kittens don’t require bottle feedings, cuddlers don’t need to monitor them 24/7. Having children or other pets around is okay too, as long as you follow the foster program’s instructions for introducing your feline house guests! 


What a purrfessional kitten cuddler looks like:

  • Must love kittens
  • Must be willing to give a few weeks of your time to care for your new fluffy friends
  • Be comfortable with the sounds of tiny mews 
  • Should enjoy kitten playtime and being stepped on by tiny toe beans
  • Have a small space (such as a spare bathroom or kennel) to house kittens during their stay 
  • Must be prepared to flood social media feeds with nothing but kittens, kittens, kittens! 
  • You should be comfortable feeding and handling small felines 
  • BC Degree (Bachelor’s of Cuddling) preferred, but not required 
  • Must be prepared to have your heart filled to the brim with love and cuteness 


As a kitten cuddler, you will be provided with all of the information you need to care for your feline guests. Benefits come in the form of cozy kitten cuddles, of course, and pride in knowing that you helped save lives. By fostering kittens, you are preparing them for loving homes, while freeing up space in shelters as more and more kittens flood in. 

Professional kitten cuddling is the job we all wish we had. And you can have it too! By signing up to be a foster caregiver through our Meow For Now campaign, you are opening your loving arms and your home for tiny kittens in need. A few weeks of your time could mean a lifetime of happiness for vulnerable felines. Become a kitten cuddler today!