Worth the Wait: After a Sad Beginning, Tori Finds her Match

September 28, 2017


“I figured, why not show a shelter dog that they also deserve to be cared for and loved. She’s truly one of a kind.” –Kevin T. of Brooklyn, NY.

Sweet, playful Tori was brought to the ASPCA in June by NYPD officers after she’d been found abandoned and tethered on a rooftop. Though in seemingly good health, Tori’s abandonment highlights a sad reality that we see far too often at the ASPCA: loving animals being left without a care as to how they will survive on their own.

In her time at the ASPCA, it didn’t take long for Tori’s larger-than-life personality to start shining through. She always remained energetic, loving and playful—it made you wonder, who could ever leave such a sweet dog. Everyone at the ASPCA Adoption Center hoped that the two-year-old pit bull-mix would soon find not only the loving home she deserved, but a pet parent that truly deserved her and the love she had to give. 

Tori getting petted

It wasn’t long before lovable Tori caught someone’s eye, and in late July, she went home with an adopter. Sadly, Tori was brought back to the Adoption Center a week later after her adopter decided that he was not a good fit for the young dog. Tori’s energetic nature proved to be a challenge when looking for the right home, as she went home with another adopter in August before being returned after four days. Though discouraging, ASPCA staff and volunteers never gave up hope that a family fit for Tori wasn’t far away.

Fortunately for Tori, they were absolutely right. By mid-August, Kevin T. came into the Adoption Center with his sights set on Tori. Kevin spotted her on a chance meeting when he was walking past the Adoption Center one afternoon. “I have a friend who works at the ASPCA, and I was walking by one day while she was walking Tori,” he tells us. “As soon as I saw her, I was in love. Though I wasn’t allowed to interact with her physically during her scheduled walk, she was obviously dying to play with me.” The feeling in those moments was mutual, and Kevin decided then and there that he was ready to adopt.

Tori resting

When asked about his decision to adopt versus buying a dog, Kevin had this to say: “I decided to adopt because I thought it would be more responsible than buying a brand new puppy. So many dogs are booted out of their homes, or are in unfit homes without love. I figured, why not show a shelter dog that they also deserve to be cared for and loved.”

Kevin first went to meet Tori in a one-on-one setting where he could finally interact with her. “When I began the adoption proceedings and we were in the room together, she just couldn’t keep herself off me, and vice versa,” he says of their instant connection. “Seriously, how could you not love that face?”

He made the adoption official, and the pair never looked back. Kevin says that at home, Tori has really settled in. “She’s actually an extremely calm and loving dog who loves to have her tummy rubbed and cuddles every night to go to sleep!”

Tori and Kevin

Kevin also tells us that Tori’s adjustment to her new home was an easy one. “It was so much shorter and better than I had expected,” he says. “When we go on walks, she knows where home is and is always eager to go back and play with all of her toys! I guess her transition was easier than anyone expected because she was finally around someone who loves her and did the most to make her feel welcome.”

He also adds that Tori eagerly greets new human friends and has a soft spot for children. “She’s incredibly intelligent and knows exactly how to play with every person—she’s truly one of a kind,” he says adoringly. 

Tori smelling the flowers

Though the road to adoption can be a long, arduous one, bonds like Tori and Kevin’s remind us why adoption is so important. It only takes one person to give a dog a chance at a new life. When asked what advice he would have for those out there who may be considering adoption, Kevin tells us: “It can be tough, but you have to remember that these dogs have been through some stuff. But, once you break the ice and actually hang out with them, they’ll love you just like you were always together. All it takes is love and a little patience!”

There are many lovable dogs like Tori waiting for their perfect adopters to come along. You can create a Happy Tail of your very own by adopting a dog from the ASPCA or your local shelter today!