We Need Your Help to get Bunny Hopping into a New Home

June 20, 2019


Can you believe that our boy Bunny is still looking for a home? Perhaps this hunk o’ love could be the perfect fit for you, a friend or a family member!

You might recognize this handsome guy as one of the stars to grace the orange carpet at the annual ASPCA Bergh Ball earlier this year. Bunny was the man of the evening and posed for countless photos. Despite his celebrity status, Bunny is still waiting patiently for the right adopter. He’s had a hard time finding the right fit, but we know there’s someone special out there for our special guy Bunny.

Bunny at Bergh Ball

Since he was transferred to the ASPCA Adoption Center from a local shelter in April 2019, Bunny has become a staff favorite. Affectionately nicknamed “Bun Bun,” this seven-year-old has bounced into hearts and onto laps! Bunny enjoys quality time with his human friends for snuggles and scratches, and this cheeky guy might even catch you with a few kisses to show you his love. 

Bunny with an ASPCA Staff member

Bunny on a walk

While Bunny prefers keeping his social circles full of his favorite people, he occasionally enjoys spending time with some canine buddies too—particularly puppies! Bun Bun enjoys playtime with smaller dogs but should meet any potential large dog roommates or friends one-on-one first. Our behavior team would be happy to help you with a meet and greet.

New things can be scary to Bun Bun sometimes, and in his new home, Bunny may get a little startled and become assertive during certain situations, like when someone knocks on a door. But he just needs some assistance and some time to adjust. With helpful reminders from his human, Bunny’s constantly working on remembering his manners! Extra support from a positive reinforcement trainer could also help Bunny flourish with his new family. Bunny is looking for a new best friend who will be a patient and understanding adopter and who will give him the time he needs to comfortably adjust to his new home. He must join a household with teens and older. 

Bunny playing with toys at the adoption center

We know that the right adopter for Bunny is out there—we just need help finding them! Do you think you could be Bunny’s new BFF? For more information call the ASPCA Adoption Center at (212) 876-7700, ext. 4120. 

Even if you unable to adopt, please help Bunny today by sharing this post on your social channels with your family and friends. With your help, we can send Bunny to a loving home!