Vermeer Is Painting a Beautiful New Life After Being Rescued from Cruelty

March 22, 2023


In July 2022, the New York City Sheriff’s Office executed a search warrant for a large fenced-in lot on Staten Island with trailers, a bus and an RV parked in the space. On the lot, they discovered groups of Huskies living in unhealthy and unsanitary conditions. 

The dogs were reported to be running around, apparently searching for food, and were drinking from a small children’s pool filled with dirty, foul-smelling water. This was the only source of water available for the dogs on the property. The only apparent food source was found in a large white bucket, covered with maggots. 

In total, 24 dogs were found on the property: five were found loose, another 10 were found after opening one of the trailers, an adult Husky and several puppies were found underneath the trailer, one of whom was deceased, and inside another trailer, two additional dogs were found.


All of the dogs were immediately transferred to our care at the ASPCA Animal Recovery CenterCanine Annex for Rehabilitation and Enrichment and the Adoption Center where they received medical care and behavioral treatment and enrichment. 

Of the puppies found was Vermeer. At just about two weeks old, Vermeer was cared for alongside his littermates at the Adoption Center upon intake. Typically, puppies are kept with their mother to nurse for the first few weeks of their lives, but once Vermeer and his littermates were old enough, they were sent to foster homes to increase their socialization and learn what life outside the shelter is like! 

The Art of Something New

In early September, Vermeer left for his first foster home with Chloe F. 


Like most Husky puppies, Vermeer was filled with lots of energy, was very chatty and absolutely loved playing with anything and everything he could get his little paws on. Vermeer also needed to work on his housetraining as well as crate training. 

“When he first arrived, Vermeer was not housetrained and didn’t love being in his crate. He was also pretty nervous outside; he would just sit down and not move whenever I tried to take him for a walk,” says Chloe. “But Vermeer was really food motivated, he’d do just about anything for a treat, so we started giving him treats when he would go outside, or if he would use his training pads. We also would leave treats in his crate and leave the door open so anytime he was brave enough to venture inside, he always found a delicious goodie as a reward.” 


Using treats as a reward for positive behavior, Vermeer became more comfortable outside and even started going on walks. Though he was always nervous to go to the bathroom outside, he became a pro at using his training pads, rarely had accidents and he grew to love his crate, sleeping in it every night. 

“He also knew ‘sit’ and ‘paw’ by the end of his time with me,” Chloe adds. “And he tried his first pup cup!” 


Living Life in Color

Though Vermeer was learning a lot in foster care, he was still looking for a home to call his own. Luckily, Mariana N. and her husband from Long Island were looking for a puppy to adopt.

Mariana and her husband were excited about the opportunity to adopt, but were a little hesitant about the amount of work it would take to care for a puppy. So, the couple decided to start off with fostering. 

“Being a foster home first gave us the opportunity to try it out and see how it felt with a pet in the home,” says Mariana. 

Though the initial adjustment to life with a puppy was a little difficult, Mariana and her husband fell in love with Vermeer and knew they couldn’t give him back. 

After a few weeks, they made it official and adopted Vermeer. Marking this new chapter in his life, they changed Vermeer’s name to Hudson. 


Hudson is now eight months old and is enjoying his new life with his pet parents! 

“He’s very energetic, he wants to play every other minute but we take long walks and play in the front and backyard to expend a lot of his energy,” Mariana tells us. “He also loves to go to the bathroom outside!” 

Mariana and her husband couldn’t be happier they made the decision to adopt. 

“He changed our lives for the better. He makes us so happy every single day.”


You can help give dogs like Hudson the second chance they deserve by fostering! Sign up to foster for the ASPCA or for your local shelter today! 

Degas, one of the Huskies found with Hudson, is still looking for a home. Check out her profile to see if she could be the dog you’ve been looking for!