URGENT: We Need Your Help to Find Canoodle a Home!

January 12, 2022

Canoodle is here to noodle his way into your heart! Canoodle came from a situation where he never really had the opportunity to learn how to be a “real” dog, and while he still has some quirks, we’ve seen quite the amazing change in him! Now, this cuddly pup wants nothing more than to find an adopter to love him for who he is and give him the life he’s always deserved.

Now that the weather is colder, there’s nothing Canoodle wants to do more than keep his friends warm and be kept warm in return. He loves to cuddle in bed with his foster caregiver and wraps himself into the CUTEST ball. Not only do his foster parents absolutely adore Canoodle, but so does everyone in their building! He happily runs up to everyone for pets and scratches behind the ears. Canoodle also loves going on walks, eager to say hello to other dogs or move along on his way, ignoring passersby.

Canoodle has no teeth, so although he loves toys, he often waits by his toybox for his foster to help him take one out. He thanks them in return by following them all around the house. But don’t worry, Canoodle doesn’t mind being left home alone either! 

Canoodle would prefer to meet other dogs one-on-one, but our staff would be happy to give you more information. He would also prefer to go to a quiet home—he’s a man who enjoys the quiet things in life! 

If Canoodle has found his place in your heart, check out his profile to complete an application!