This Unique Daisy Stands Out from the Rest of the Bouquet!

September 19, 2023


Our dear Daisy is a beautiful cat who is ready to love and be loved! She may look a little different than other brown tabbies, but that just makes her even more special. Several years ago, she experienced a severe burn on her back and has had multiple surgeries to repair the wound. Daisy has recovered wonderfully in her foster home and the fur on her back is still growing in.

Daisy would thrive in a quiet home in the Los Angeles area. She can be a shy kitty until she gets to know you, and if she hears or sees a new person in the house, she will hide under a bed or chair. But soon enough, she comes out to check out the action since she’s a very curious, affectionate girl who lets her true purr-sonality shine! When you give her neck scratches, she turns into a purr machine and will lick your hand in appreciation.


Daisy is the perfect feline companion who will sit with you while you read or work at your desk. She doesn’t just laze around all day though—this girl loves to run! She loves to race up the stairs ahead of you and will wait nicely at the top until you catch up. Her very favorite activity is being brushed. If Daisy sees you holding her brush, she’ll head right to you! After a few brush strokes, she’ll flop right onto her back so you can give her cuddles on her tummy. She is so trusting and sweet that her foster has said it’s an amazing privilege to care for her!

Once you’re in her inner circle, Daisy is not shy to ask for what she needs. She’ll give a little meow when she’d like to be fed, cuddled, brushed or played with. Daisy likes mice toys with catnip, dangling toys with ribbons and kicker toys that she can roll around and scratch with her back feet. She also likes chasing a laser pointer on the carpet and absolutely adores chicken treats! During the day, Daisy enjoys her catnaps and quiet time. In the afternoon, you might find her spending hours by a window, enjoying the warmth of the sun and watching the rustling tree leaves and birds flying by.

Daisy’s ideal home would be where she can be the queen of her castle as the only pet, but she may do well with an older, friendly cat. Due to her shy nature, she may do best in a home without dogs or young children. If you think Daisy would make for a perfect addition to your Los Angeles-area home, please visit her profile to complete an application!