No One Sparkles and Shines Like Our Girl Glitter!

April 18, 2024

No One Sparkles and Shines Like Our Girl Glitter!

If you’re looking for a rising star, Glitter is the fabulous dog for you! This playful and enthusiastic lady is available for adoption in New York City, and she’s sure to bring lots of love and splendor to your life.

Glitter is a radiant dog who brightens up any room with her happy personality and boundless puppy energy. Whether she’s dazzling you with her skills on an agility course or spreads cheer with her zest for life, she is sure to leave a trail of sparkles wherever she goes. Glitter would be the paw-fect buddy for anyone who loves to go on adventures!

Glitter with ball

As a young, energetic dog, Glitter will need to be kept busy and engaged with lots of activities. She thrives with mental and physical stimulation, so she would love to have plenty of opportunities to learn and explore. From structured training sessions to relaxing with chewable enrichment, this bright pup is eager to spend time with you! There’s no such thing as a boring day with Glitter at your side!

To help Glitter be her best doggy self, her ideal adopter would have an active lifestyle and be able to provide her with training, fun and exercise. Our team can help you explore if she’s the match that is right for your family! If you’re ready for a lot more sparkle in your home, visit Glitter’s profile to complete an adoption application!

Happy Glitter