March 3, 2016

Two’s Company: Alba and Abe’s Happy Tail

When two animals are bonded, it means that they rely on each other and must find a home together. It also means that we must work doubly-hard to find them an adopter (who is willing to provide twice the love). Fortunately, in the case of kittens Alba and Abe, eight paws, two noses and countless whiskers is just what one person was looking for! Here is their Happy Tail.

Alba and Abe were born last April, and at the age of just five months they were surrendered to the ASPCA. The person who had been caring for them could no longer handle the rambunctious duo—both of whom had developed skin infections—and he knew that our Hospital could provide them with the care that they needed.

Weighing just five lbs. each, Alba and Abe both spent a number of weeks being treated for ringworm. In October, they received spay/neuter operations before finally being cleared by our veterinarians to begin their search for a home. With bonded pets, we’re never sure how long it will take to find the perfect person, but thankfully, Rebekah walked through our doors in early November.

“I grew up with cats and dogs and missed having animal companions,” Rebekah tells us. As an apartment-dweller with a busy schedule, she knew that cats would be the perfect fit for her lifestyle, so she decided it was time to visit the ASPCA Adoption Center. On her first visit there, she spotted Alba and Abe and knew instantly that the brother-sister duo was exactly what she needed. “They were a bonded pair, and I appreciated that they would both be able to keep one another company when I wasn’t home,” she says.

On November 7, Rebekah officially adopted Alba and Abe and changed their names to Cleo and Norman. “Getting to know these two has been a lot of fun as they develop their own personalities,” Rebekah reported a few months later. “They have done so well; Norman enjoys hanging out in his cat bed and sitting atop his cat tree next to the window. He adores cuddling and attention. Cleo is an explorer; she has begun to climb into the bathroom tub and has also found fun toys (my earrings) to play with when Norman is sleeping or I am busy.”

We love hearing that despite their “bonded pair” status, Norman and Cleo have grown into such individuals, and we are so grateful to people like Rebekah who are willing to open their heart and home not once but twice. If you are interested in adopting a pet (or two!) of your own, please visit the ASPCA Adoption Center or an animal shelter near you.