December 13, 2018

Two Rescue Dogs, Amber and Derby, Are Now Looking for Loving Families

Two dogs rescued from cruel situations by the Field Investigations and Response (FIR) team have come a long way since their initial rescue last year. And now both Amber and Derby are looking for families in the Fort Collins, Colorado, area who will usher them into the next chapters of their lives­—becoming beloved pets.  

Beautiful Amber Shines

Amber was one of over 40 dogs rescued from cruelty in Natchez, Mississippi, in November 2017. Since her rescue, Amber has blossomed and she is now a happy-go-lucky dog who loves the company of other dogs and has grown immensely thanks to her dog friends. She’s also friendly with cats, housetrained and crate trained—she’s one smart, friendly gal! Amber is described as “full of life, adorable and silly, and wanting to be an integral member of a family.”

But despite Amber’s enthusiasm for life and friendly demeanor, she needs some patience when joining a home since she can still feel nervous and shy when she doesn’t have another dog by her side. Amber is also considered a “flight risk” when she is in situations where she may feel uncomfortable or scared and will need someone who is attentive and understanding of her needs.

Amber didn’t have a lot of traditional time as a puppy to learn and grow, so she’s still learning to mind her manners while in a home—and so far, she’s doing a great job. She also loves toys and enjoys plenty of time to run and play!

In her new home, Amber is looking for a patient, experienced adopter who will continue to work with her, help continue her transition to being part of a family, help her gain confidence, and help her learn to trust and love humans as much as she does other dogs. She should join an adults-only home with another confident, well-adjusted dog friend who enjoys playtime as much as she does.

Handsome Derby Continues to Grow

Derby was rescued from an alleged dogfighting situation before being placed with Animal House Rescue in Colorado. Now, Derby has grown into a more confident, friendly dog with a heart of gold who is looking for love! Derby will happily greet you with his signature smile. He is a fun-loving fella who is just as content cuddling up on the couch next to you as he is enjoying some playtime. He also loves spending time with other dog friends and enjoys being social. Derby is currently in training classes and has proven himself to be a fast learner! He is crate trained, housetrained and walks very politely when out on his leash.

Despite his happy-go-lucky demeanor, Derby does still experience some situational triggers from his past trauma. In his new home, he will need an experienced, patient adopter who is committed to continuing to train him, as well as help him cope with his past traumas as he adjusts to life as a beloved pet. He should join an adults-only home.

If you are in the Fort Collins area and are interested in adopting either of these special dogs, please visit the Animal House Rescue website, or email their Foster Coordinator at [email protected].