The ASPCA Aids in the Rescue of 40+ Dogs in Animal Cruelty Case

November 9, 2017

a pittbull chained in mud

The ASPCA is responding to an urgent request from the Adams County Sheriff’s Office to assist local authorities with an animal cruelty investigation involving more than 40 dogs found on a property in Natchez, Mississippi.

Upon searching the property, law enforcement officers reported that there were dogs living in unsanitary conditions, showing numerous signs of cruelty and neglect. Some of the animals appeared to be suffering from untreated injuries, and dogs were found chained outside without access to water or appropriate shelter.

“Some of these animals were found in appalling conditions and many are in dire need of medical assistance,” said Kyle Held, Regional Director of ASPCA Field Investigations and Response.

When the request for help came in, the ASPCA quickly mobilized a team to assist the Adams County Sheriff’s Office and provide critical support for the investigation and much-needed care for the dogs who were found. Our Field Investigations and Response team is transporting the dogs from the property to a temporary shelter. 

The ASPCA is also providing assistance with veterinary exams and evidence collection conducted by our Forensic Sciences team, behavior assessments conducted by our Anti-Cruelty Behavior team, and legal support provided by our Legal Advocacy department to ensure the best outcome for these animals.

The Natchez Adams County Humane Society also aided in providing temporary shelter for dogs in critical condition until the ASPCA arrived.

The ASPCA’s Field Investigations and Response team deploys nationally to assist in animal cruelty cases and disaster situations. In the past two months alone, we responded to four major disasters, assisting more than 30,000 animals through field rescue, relocation, emergency sheltering and the distribution of critical pet supplies in four states and the U.S. Virgin Islands. This work is only possible with the help of ASPCA supporters.

To continue to rescue and care for animals in crisis, we need your ongoing support. Please donate today to help us save animal victims of cruelty and keep up our fight to end abuse and give helpless animals a second chance.