A True Gentleman Goes to Great Heights to Find His Match

June 27, 2018


In May 2017, a Good Samaritan brought a frightened orange cat into the ASPCA Adoption Center, looking for care. The cat, who was then named Gentleman, had been spotted on top of an incredibly high fence in Queens, New York, unable to get down. After seeing him, the passerby tried to get the support of local law enforcement and the fire department, but had no luck. 

However, she had no plans of giving up on Gentleman. The scared cat spent two days stuck on that fence, before his rescuer was finally able to flag down a local tree-trimmer and convince him to help. She then brought Gentleman to the Adoption Center, where we set to work to care for the understandably shaken cat. Though he was healthy upon arrival, it was clear that Gentleman did not trust people, and that it would take some time and patience to get this frightened cat to warm up. 

Gentleman on a cabinet

While in our care, Gentleman became an Office Foster cat, acclimating to a more domestic environment and more one-on-one human contact in the care of one of our staff members. It was no surprise that in this time, we discovered that Gentleman had a propensity for climbing and being up high—staff could often find the curious feline on top of high cabinets and lights.

Over time, Gentleman began to open up. He enjoyed playtime with toys and even gentle affection from ASPCA staff but remained mostly independent-minded. Then, toward the end of July, everything changed for Gentleman—he met Monica A. 

Gentleman in a box

Monica had never been to the ASPCA before, but after relocating from Colombia, she felt that she was ready for a new four-legged family member. Monica tells us that she is drawn to cats because they are “lovable and have positive energy.” 

Upon meeting Gentleman, Monica appreciated his independent nature, and felt that she could give him the right home. So on July 22, Monica made the adoption official and took her very own Gentleman home. 

Gentleman at his new home

In his new home, Gentleman was renamed Max, and after about a week of adjustment, his nerves settled, and he was able to relax into his new life. “Now he owns the house,” Monica says playfully. Life for the two of them has become comfortable and routine, and Max loves greeting his pet parent as soon as she gets home. “He is happy when I get home and cuddles my legs with his tail,” she says.

Though Max’s beginnings were full of peril, he no longer has to go to great heights to find love. He’s got plenty at home with Monica. 


Monica encourages others to find companionship in an adopted pet. “Animals in shelters need a home,” she says. “The benefit of adopting an animal is that we receive unconditional love. We make the difference when we provide a home to an animal and we share our lives with them. It is sharing your happiness with someone who will love you for life.” 

June is Adopt a Shelter Cat Month, and we encourage everyone to consider creating a Happy Tail of your very own! Adopt a cat or consider fostering kittens! You can help save lives and find the unconditional love of a furry friend—what could be better than that?