Top 5 Reasons to Foster an Animal in Need

August 19, 2021

Kitten and dog

This week, we celebrated the first-ever ASPCA National Animal Foster Appreciation Week—an entire week dedicated to celebrating our incredible foster caregivers. These compassionate people help so many animals along their journeys toward loving homes, and they deserve the biggest THANK YOU!

Being a foster caregiver is so rewarding, and we hope that in honor of this week, you’ll consider fostering, too! Here are our top five reasons why you should consider fostering an animal in need.

1.  Fostering provides a safe and healthy environment for animals who need to heal, grow or get some extra TLC while they look for homes.

Black dog with medical cone on neck

From tiny kittens to large, lovable dogs—many of the animals require TLC to have the best possible chance of finding an adopter. When you foster, you help give them the space, experiences and resources they need when they go to new homes.

2. Fostering animals creates more space in shelters for other animals in need.

Woman sitting on bed with two cats

Whether a shelter is crowded or not, each animal in their care requires time and resources that could be stretched further if those animals were in foster homes. Foster caregivers help animal shelters and rescues so much!

3. Your life becomes a lot more interesting (and adorable)!

Woman with dog in garden

Think about all the benefits of having an animal around: the companionship, the chance to start a new routine and the potential of the cutest snuggles ever. Fostering is easy to weave into your everyday life, and the shelter will give you everything you need.

4. Fostering introduces cats and kittens to new pools of prospective adopters.

Two orange and white kittens stretched out

Fostered cats and kittens benefit from exposure to the caregiver’s friends and family, and the caregiver can offer trusted and enthusiastic assessments of the cat’s personality and needs. At their best, foster caregivers are their cats’ parent and publicist.

5. Fostering animals saves lives. Period!

Horse smiling at camera

When you foster animals, you are helping to save lives. Animals in your care can go on to loving homes and animal shelters have more space and resources to help even more animals in need. It’s a win, win!

We hope you consider opening your heart and home as a foster caregiver! See more about fostering with the ASPCA in Los Angeles and NYC. If you’re outside of those areas, find your local shelter and see how you can get involved today!