Three Tips for Creating a Plan So Your Pet is Always Cared For

July 28, 2021

a woman and a puppy

Getting pets out of shelters and into loving homes is one of our main priorities at the ASPCA, so it’s very important to us that pet parents have a plan in place to prevent pets from ending up back in the shelter. 

Whether in the event of inability to care for your pet, illness or even death, below are three tips to make sure your pet is always cared for: 

1. Create formal or informal arrangements. Generally, informal arrangements include all arrangements for your pet that are not legally binding. These range between oral or written agreements with family, friends, veterinarians or others. They tend to not involve the assistance of an attorney. Formal arrangements can include will provisions, a pet trust, limited durable power of attorney or a letter of instruction, all of which are legally binding. 
2. Decide whether or not you want to leave funds for the care of your pet. Some people choose to leave a nominal amount as a gesture of appreciation to the person who commits to taking care of your pet of sufficient funds to cover your pet’s basic needs for the rest of his or her natural life. Our Funding Dos and Don’ts provide some advice to keep in mind when deciding whether or not you want to leave funds for your pet. 
3.  Sign up for our free pet planning packet. The packet includes a pet alert card, emergency information sheet and a pet portfolio to help you create the best plan for your pet. Once you receive your packet, get started on filling out all three items!