Getting Started

Follow these simple steps to begin the process of creating a plan to ensure that your pet is always cared for, even after you’re gone.

Step 1: Carry a Pet Alert card in your wallet.

This card will alert authorities that you have a pet at home and list two emergency contacts for them to notify if something happens to you.

Example [PRINT]:


Step 2: Create a Pet Dossier for each pet in your care.

A Pet Dossier is a document containing pertinent information about your pet that would be valuable to a potential guardian and/or caregiver in your absence. Even if you don’t have a plan in place for the future care of your pet, this information is vital to helping your pet find a new home faster.

Some examples of information to include are:

  1. Habits
  2. Food preferences
  3. Medical conditions and medications taken
  4. Veterinary information and records
  5. Behavior around other pets/people/children

Your Pet Dossier should be kept in a safe but accessible place with your other important papers and copies should be distributed to all parties in your pet’s circle of care.

Step 3: Decide on an Informal or Formal Arrangement for your pet’s future care.

  • There are many options available when planning for the future care of your pet. Please see our analysis of informal vs. formal arrangements to decide which arrangement works best for you and your pet.