These North Carolina Dogs Are Looking for a Soft Place to Land

November 16, 2023


Hey, North Carolina residents! We have two beautiful pups looking for loving homes, or alternatively, temporary foster homes in the Asheville area. Could one of these dogs be the right match for you or someone you know? Read more about them below!

Meet Oberon!


This three-year-old Caucasian Shepherd came to us from a large rescue last year but has proven to be the sweetest guy despite his past condition. Thankfully, he’s onto bigger and better things now, like finding a new home!

This big teddy bear loves delicious snacks, playing with other canine friends and getting pets and scratches from his favorite people. He’s still working on his confidence around new friends, but with your support, encouragement and maybe a canine sibling who can help show him the ropes, we know he can continue to overcome his fears and blossom even further into the silly boy we know and love.

Oberon is a devoted, steadfast companion looking to give all of his love to someone!

If you’d like to adopt our prince charming, check out his profile to submit an application!

Say Hello to Rudi!


This fun-loving pup can’t wait to find a home where he can snuggle up with his people and learn what being a part of a family is all about!

When we say Rudi is a fun-loving pup, we mean it! Rudi LOVES to play, especially with other dogs or people. He’s also a big fan of yummy treats which is a bonus since it makes training sessions with this adorable boy even easier! 

Rudi is still working on his confidence in new places, but encouragement from his closest friends and some treats help keep him going. He also tends to gain confidence from other dogs, so having another social dog nearby can help, too.

Rudi is a fantastic canine companion and will surely keep you entertained with his silly antics and beautiful smile.

Ready to bring your new playmate home? Check out his profile to submit an application!

Not Ready to Commit to Adoption Just Yet?

We get it, committing to adopting a dog can be scary! Currently, these boys could use some time out of the shelter environment and would love to relax in a comfortable home setting—even if it’s just temporary! If you’re not quite ready to adopt, consider fostering Oberon or Rudi and lending them a helping paw while they wait to find the right home. If you foster and happen to fall in love with one of these handsome boys—even better! We are happy to facilitate a foster-to-adopt process for those interested.

If you want to make either Oberon or Rudi’s dreams come true by fostering one of them, sign up to foster today!