3 years
109 lb.

Meet your new BFF, Oberon! This sweet guy originally came to the Behavioral Rehabilitation Center from a situation where he was living with many other dogs. He is now ready for a home of his own! Oberon has come to embody the roots of his name, and as a “royal bear,” he seeks an environment of patience and serenity where he can reign over his kingdom. Hopefully that means living with you!

Big fan of: Feasting with his peers and subjects! Oberon is a truly noble gent, after all. Any scrumptious snack will do—this prince is not a picky one. He also enjoys playing the jester with other members of his canine court and would love having a doggy sibling in the home, but he’d also be happy as the sole heir to the throne. The best canine companion for Oberon would be one who is not intimidated by his large stature and most dignified galumphing. Oberon would like you to know that he would greatly appreciate lots of petting, scritches and admiration on a daily basis! 

Working on: His confidence when he’s around unfamiliar people and in situations outside his established circle—Oberon can exhibit mild fear and tension in these situations. With your support and encouragement, and maybe from a canine sibling too, he can overcome these fears and become the silly boy we know and love! Once you have established his trust, Oberon will prove to be a devoted and steadfast companion, worthy of his title and status. Oberon also continues to practice riding in a car, and it may take a moment for him to become familiar with your particular chariot.

Dream home: A kingdom with plenty of snacks and hindquarter scritches! Sir Oberon, the noble bear-of-a-dog, is looking for a patient adopter who will teach him the rules of their castle so that this prince can blossom into a king.

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