From a Sticky Start, Pancake Finally Tastes the Sweet Life

May 1, 2019


Animals arrive at the ASPCA Adoption Center in various ways. For Pancake, a kind local resident had been caring for some stray cats and brought her in to find a stable loving home.

When Pancake arrived in August 2013, she was a timid but sweet three-year-old kitty. It didn’t take long for her to get adopted, but it was not a great match, and Pancake was returned to the Adoption Center just two days later. Again, it didn’t take long for the pretty kitty to catch a new adopter’s eye and Pancake found a new home in September 2013.

Unfortunately, Pancake was returned in January 2017 when her adopters had a change in their family circumstances. Older and shier than before, it took a little longer for someone to fall in love with her, but she found another new home two months later. 

Sadly, this was not a case of third time’s a charm for sweet Pancake, as she was returned again in July 2018 with her caregivers stating they hadn’t enough time to look after her any more.

A Fine Foster

Pancake on a keyboard

At eight years old, Pancake was entering her senior years and bouncing from home to home was taking its toll on her. Her wariness understandable, Pancake was apprehensive of new people and places. To help make Pancake feel more comfortable, she moved to the ASPCA Offices in Midtown, Manhattan as part of our Office Foster program. The extra human interaction through slow introductions with various staff members helped her get used to new people. It also allowed time for Pancake to relax enough to showcase her true personality and cute quirks!

“Pancake took no time settling in and making herself at home. She took her job as an office foster very seriously—greeting all guests, overseeing the office from her perch and writing emails,” recalls Carolyn Strashun, Director, Foundation Partnerships, and one of Pancake’s foster caregivers.

pancake being pet

“Her shy side only requires a little patience and understanding,” says Jami DeAngelis, Senior Director, Internal Audit, and another foster caregiver for Pancake. “Pancake was a fast friend once she had time to acquaint herself. She was interested in what you were doing and liked to join in, often ‘helping’ with typing emails. She perked up at the sound of conversation and welcomed friends who she knew.”   

“From her chosen people, she loves warm lap time, lots of petting, brushing and adoration,” Jami adds. “She is not helpless though. If she feels she did not get her full brushing quotient, she will take the brush and do it herself!”

Pancake was happy and comfortable in the ASPCA Offices, but this was only temporary, and she still needed the loving home she deserved.


Fourth Time’s a Charm

As a dedicated cat mom, Heather L. adored her feline friends. Her most recent cat she had treasured for a wonderful 17 years. When she passed, Heather still had plenty of love and affection to share, so she looked on the ASPCA website to see cats who are waiting for their loving home.

Heather spotted Pancake and instantly fell in love. Her age and initial shyness did not deter Heather at all—in fact it made her even more sure this was the right cat for her. She knew she had the love and patience to help Pancake.

When Heather brought Pancake home, the new environment was clearly scary for the kitty. Heather‘s calm and kind attitude allowed Pancake the time she needed to get familiarized.

“In the beginning, she hid under the sofa,” Heather tells us. “As I moved her food dish, she came out and started to be available for some playtime. My neighbor who had helped bring her home from the ASPCA bought a cat tree and we moved it into the living room. One day we found her on the top platform asking for a tummy rub!”

Pancake laying down

“My mornings begin with cute meows asking for her food,” says Heather—who has extended her kitty’s name to Pancake Meow Meow to honor the cute greeting. “And when I come in, she greets me at the door—a real contrast to how she was in the beginning.”

A New Lease on Life

Pancake has certainly made herself at home now, and it’s not just food and pets that this senior girl loves. Heather has also found that Pancake still has some youthful kitten energy in her.

Pancake laying on her back getting pets

“Pancake runs up and down my apartment, and leaps on and off my sofas,” says Heather. “We also play with her laser pointer given to us by the ASPCA and a hanging fish toy. Pancake loves to capture the fish in the air and spin around.”

After her struggles to find the right place to call home, Pancake Meow Meow is finally settled and happy in the warmth of her mom’s affection and dedication. Pancake has lots of friends among the ASPCA staff and we are so glad she has a loving home as she enters her golden years.  

“I miss my feline assistant a lot, but I’m thrilled she found the loving home she deserves,” says Carolyn, Pancake’s former foster. 

Pancake rolling on the floor