Staten Island District Attorney Establishes Animal Cruelty Prosecutions Unit

April 14, 2016

In an exciting development for New York City’s animals, Richmond County District Attorney Michael McMahon has announced the formation of an Animal Cruelty Prosecution Unit in Staten Island. The news follows a similar announcement from Queens County in January, and reflects the city’s deepening commitment to the wellbeing of our most vulnerable residents.

The Richmond County Animal Cruelty Prosecution Unit’s stated purpose is to investigate and prosecute crimes against animals, increase awareness of animal abuse, educate the community about available resources that could prevent neglect, abuse and injury to animals, and develop and facilitate relationships with Staten Islanders and local veterinarians to encourage the reporting of animal abuse.

“The ASPCA commends District Attorney McMahon for continuing his office’s commitment to animal welfare through the formation of the Animal Cruelty Prosecution Unit,” said Stacy Wolf, Esq., Senior Vice President of the ASPCA Anti-Cruelty Group. “We look forward to working even more closely with the Animal Cruelty Prosecution Unit and the NYPD to continue our fight against animal cruelty in New York City.”

The RCDA just recently secured a felony conviction in the horrific animal cruelty case of Charlotte – now named Pip. The new RCDA Animal Cruelty Unit will work closely with the NYPD’s Animal Cruelty Investigation Squad to investigate cases and collaborate with the ASPCA’s Legal Advocacy department, which offers legal support to all NYC district attorney’s offices in animal cruelty cases. In addition, the ASPCA will continue to provide investigative and forensic assistance to aid in the successful prosecution of animal crimes in the city, as well as direct care to animal cruelty victims.

“Today’s announcement is one more step towards fulfilling our founder Henry Bergh’s vision for a city where animal cruelty laws are regularly enforced and those who violate them are consistently prosecuted,” said Elizabeth Brandler, Esq., Legal Advocacy Council at the ASPCA. “We look forward to working even more closely with RCDA and the NYPD to continue our joint fight against animal cruelty in New York City.”