After High-Profile Cruelty Case, Charlotte Is Living a Happy Life

April 8, 2015

Many of you may recall the story of Charlotte, a tiny Maltese/Shih Tzu who garnered national attention last fall when she was severely injured and left for dead in Staten Island, New York. The alleged abuser’s court case is still pending, but fortunately, Charlotte’s future is not. Here is a happy update on her story.


Charlotte was discovered in a trash bag near the Staten Island train tracks in September, 2014. According to allegations in court documents, her previous owner told police that she couldn’t afford to care for Charlotte, so she put her in the bag and threw her out of her car window. Charlotte was severely injured during the ordeal, and when she arrived at the ASPCA Animal Hospital she was in critical condition. At the time, she was less than four months old.

During her six-week stay at the hospital, Charlotte received treatment for a fractured skull, a fractured femur and brain trauma resulting from the blunt-force impact. Though public outrage surrounding the case was high, our primary goal was to help Charlotte heal and—most importantly—to place her into a safe home where she could receive the attention, love and care that she so dearly deserved. Fortunately, on November 1, we found that home in the form of an adopter named Dava.

Small white dog wearing black harness

After the adoption, Dava’s first priority was to help Charlotte forget her painful past. In addition to the new home, she decided to give the tiny snow-white dog a new name: Pip. “She’s quite happy,” Dava said in an update a few months later. “She is doing great and is completely a part of the family.” Although Pip does have some lingering issues from her brain injury, Dava is more than happy to help manage them and the petite pup is currently undergoing further testing. “She has gotten a lot bigger and is full of energy and personality,” Dava adds proudly. “We adore her, and we’re so glad that we adopted her.”

Cute white dog sitting in dog bed

Although the case against Pip’s alleged abuser is still pending—in October, she pleaded not guilty to a felony charge of aggravated cruelty to animals, misdemeanor counts of torturing and injuring animals, and animal abandonment—we are beyond thrilled that Pip is recovering physically and emotionally in Dava’s home. Whatever the verdict may be, we know that the Pip’s happiness is the greatest outcome of all.

Napping small white dog wearing pink sweater