Special Delivery! ASPCA Brings Foster Kittens to L.A. Offices

February 15, 2017

kitten in an aspca bandana

February 14 was certainly a love-ly day for six kittens and scores of office workers in Los Angeles. In an effort to promote our life-saving L.A. kitten foster program, a team of ASPCA workers, along with volunteers and one very special celebrity guest, visited the offices of Refinery29, Billboard, Buzzfeed and Who What Wear with tiny foster kittens in tow.

The delivery was well-received, to say the least.

At Refinery29, a women’s fashion, health and entertainment website, workers audibly gasped, ooh-ed and aah-ed at the adorable visitors, including eight-week old “twins” Daisy and Maisy, and their adopted sister, Winnie (also known as “Winnie the Minnie”). The kittens cuddled the guests and played with special Valentine’s-themed toys—and Daisy even donned a tiny kiss-print tie! But amidst all the cuteness, the message of the outing was of the utmost importance.

Daisy visits the desk of a Refinery29 employee.

Daisy visits the desk of a Refinery29 employee.

“Kitten season has already started in L.A., and that means the shelters are over-flooded with kittens,” said Tina Reddington, Director of the Los Angeles ASPCA Volunteer Program. “We need fosters as soon as possible because we can’t save them without having foster homes. Bringing the kittens out here to show everybody how fun and easy it can be to take care of them helps us recruit more fosters.” In fact, her team led similar visits to the offices of The Black Tux and POPSUGAR last week as well.

Daisy, Maisy and Winnie’s foster parents, Mikayla S. Campbell and Joe Chaplin, could not have agreed more. The couple loves animals, but due to expenses, scheduling and apartment restrictions, they’re unable to adopt at this time. Instead, they decided to become kitten fosters with the ASPCA. “The program is amazing—they really do everything for you, and you don’t have to pay for anything,” said Mikayla. “Then the kittens get healthy and go to wonderful homes, so it really is a win-win.”

Mikayla S. Campbell and Joe Chaplin snuggle with Maisy, one of their foster kittens.

Mikayla S. Campbell and Joe Chaplin snuggle with Maisy, one of their foster kittens.

In fact, Daisy, Maisy and Winnie are the second set of kittens the couple has fostered, and they’re already eager to do more. “To anyone considering joining this program, we say ‘do it!’” Mikayla exclaimed. “The ASPCA is wonderful, and they provide everything for you. We are saving lives.”

After the visit to Refinery29, the group headed over to the Billboard offices for their next outing with a very special celebrity guest: singer Ally Brooke from the group Fifth Harmony. A lifelong animal lover, Ally joined the ASPCA to promote kitten fostering in honor of her two cats, Tammy and Bobby, who both passed away last year.

“They were such a huge part of my family,” she recalled, a bit teary-eyed. “They were there for me, and they just love you in such a way that’s so beautiful and unconditional.” 

Left: Tina Reddington and Ally Brooke hold Maisy and Daisy. Right: Ally with Maisy.

Left: Tina Reddington and Ally Brooke hold Maisy and Daisy. Right: Ally with Maisy.

In a Facebook Live broadcast, Ally spoke of her experience with animals and serenaded the kitten in her lap with an acapella rendition of Somewhere Over the Rainbow, before urging her fans and followers to join the foster program. “Please help out these beautiful, precious babies. They’re so angelic, they’re so loving, and they need sweet loving homes!”

Before the event ended, Tina reminded everyone of another benefit of fostering. “If you’re not ready for a full-time commitment, it’s a great short-term commitment. You can foster for two weeks to two months, whatever works best for you, and you save their lives.”

“But you never know—it could turn into a long-term commitment!” Ally added with a laugh.

The group’s final stops of the day were Buzzfeed and Who What Wear. Daisy, Maisy and Winnie headed home with their foster parents, and three new kittens named Rickey, Oscar and Matthew, joined the fun.


Ricky at the Buzzfeed office. 

At Buzzfeed, employees socialized with the tiny kittens, and several posed with them for a staff photoshoot. By the time the kittens reached Who What Wear—the last stop of the day—they had played so much that a couple fell asleep on the staffers! But one kitten, Ricky, stole the show as he played on and posed with a pair of Who What Wear shoes, a purse, a flower crown and a flower vase. He was tiny enough to fit inside the shoe.

Before the day ended, Tina made sure to remind everyone of the important role they can play. 

“Feline breeding season occurs when it’s warm out. In L.A., that means we have a much longer kitten season than other places, so we are already being flooded at the shelters with baby kittens who need foster homes. We’re seeing them come in every day, so now is definitely the time to help,” she says.

And the best part is that anybody can foster. The ASPCA provides food, litter, medical support and even a crate for your home. All we ask for in return is your time and your love. If you’re interested in joining the ASPCA Los Angeles Kitten Foster Program, visit ASPCA.org/FosterLA for more information, and get started on your application today!

Not in L.A.? Don’t worry! There are rescues and shelters all over the country who need your support. Look up your local shelter here

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