Smooth Roads Ahead: Rolls and Royce Find a Loving Home

January 16, 2019

Rolls and Royce

Driving a Rolls Royce is often associated with a life of luxury. But what can be more luxurious than a life with not one, but two cuddly cats? 

Juliet J. visited the ASPCA Adoption Center in November 2018 with plans to adopt a little feline friend. Having grown up with kitties, she thought it was time to adopt one of her own. She arrived early and while waiting patiently, she was kept entertained by two cats who watched her and played in the window.

Rolls and Royce

“I had initially gone into the Adoption Center to look at a couple kittens, but I kept thinking about the black and white cats I saw,” Juliet recalls. “They were just so cute and seemed so curious. And they kept doing things that made me laugh—at one-point one of them went over and laid down literally on top of other.”

Bonded Boys

Rolls and Royce were the playful pair Juliet had seen that day. The two had been surrendered to the adoption center by their previous owner who could no longer afford to care for them. Upon intake, the sweet pair were found to be very bonded to each other—they loved to sleep, eat and play together and were never far apart from each other. 

“Bonded pairs of cats can sometimes take a little longer to get adopted because most people coming to the shelter are interested in adopting just one cat. But bonded pairs can be a great choice for people who want their cats to have some company of the feline variety,” says Adi Hovav, Behavior Manager at the Adoption Center.

“Besides the similarity in appearance, they were obviously connected to each other—they seemed to follow each other around,” says Juliet. “I was only planning on getting one cat! But I knew they had to stay together and thought: ‘why not?’”

Juliet had fallen for the spirited boys, and made the adoption official the same day she met them.



Similar, But Not The Same

Rolls and Royce—now named Benny and Basil—have settled well into their new home with Juliet. 

Despite their obvious likeness in the looks department, they have shown their new pet parent that they each have unique personalities.

“Benny is more assertive and was the first to start exploring. Basil is a little more shy and skittish, but I think it encourages him when Benny leads the way. Basil usually follows Benny’s lead.” Juliet tells us. “It doesn’t feel like more work having two, and I love that they can keep each other company when I’m not home.”

Benny and Basil do have some common interests, though! They both love to be pet and snooze the days away, but they equally love to play around.

Benny and Basil (formerly Rolls and Royce)

“They love to play, and they go crazy for the laser pointer!” jokes Juliet. “They also love cuddle time and they take turns on my lap.”

Benny and Basil are constantly making their new mom laugh with their antics. Whether it’s just laying on top of each other, or running around their new home, these adopted brothers are still as entertaining as when Juliet first laid eyes on them—maybe even more so now! 

“Life is better than I could have imagined!” Juliet says.

Juliet and Benny and Basil