Small Wonder: Roxy Finds a Home After Tragic Beginnings

November 23, 2016

“She is such a happy and loving cat despite what happened to her in the past.” –Ashley W. of New York, NY

It is a sad fact that even the youngest of animals sometimes find themselves in situations of cruelty or neglect. These innocent victims begin their lives only knowing fear and pain—an unfair and heartbreaking circumstance. For small six-month-old Roxy, the beginning of her life was marred with tragedy. The kitten was brought into the ASPCA Animal Hospital (AAH) by the NYPD in late July with head trauma and a broken femur in her left hind leg. It was reported that she had fallen down the stairs, but whatever the circumstances were, there was one thing for certain: Roxy needed help, and fast.

During her month-long stay in the Hospital, Roxy had a plate put into her leg to mend the break. The trauma to her head also gave the young kitty a vision deficit—making it slightly more difficult for her to adjust to new surroundings and get around.


Despite the trauma she had suffered at such an early stage in her life, Roxy proved to be incredibly sweet and affectionate. Her issues with her vision left her cautious at times, but she was as curious and adventurous as any other kitten. Once Roxy moved from AAH to the ASPCA Adoption Center, we knew it wouldn’t be long before the perfect adopter found her.

Ashley W. had just moved to New York when her roommate suggested that bringing a furry friend into their apartment could be the perfect thing to help Ashley transition into the city. The pair began to think of what kind of cat would be the perfect addition to their home, and they decided to adopt a rescue kitten. Ashley felt like she would prefer an orange kitty, while her roommate Nicole thought she’d like a black cat. When Ashley finally went into the Adoption Center, she saw Roxy—with her orange and black spots—and she knew it had to be fate. 

Ashley then spent some time playing with Roxy, getting to know her spunky, sweet personality. “The Adoption Counselor read her description card to me, letting me know that she had some visual problems, which were obvious at times in her playing. Obvious, but incredibly adorable,” Ashley said about her first encounter with Roxy. Ashley has her own vision deficits and felt like she and Roxy were kindred spirits. After seeing the vet and getting Roxy’s full backstory, Ashley knew she’d found her newest family member.

After settling into her new home, Roxy became “Jovie Purrogi” and quickly became the beloved pet Ashley and Nicole were searching for. According to Ashley, Jovie loves absolutely everyone she meets and is fearless and inquisitive to no end. It’s hard to tell who is happier—Ashley and Nicole or Jovie.

Like far too many innocent animals, Jovie’s story began with trauma. Although her life as a young kitten may have been sad, she’s truly found her family. Fortunately, you can create your own “Happy Tail” by adopting a shelter animal like Jovie today!