Sick and Alone, One Brave Sphynx Kitten finds an Ideal Home

January 25, 2017

Pickle in a pink sweater

It is a sad fact that tragedy can strike for even the youngest of animals. Without the protection of a loving home and family, defenseless dogs and cats are often left in danger of cruelty, homelessness or illness. For a young Sphynx kitten and her siblings, illness and an uncertain future plagued their tragic beginnings.

A Good Samaritan attempted to care for the kittens after they were given to her by a neighbor, but sadly, one of the kittens wasn’t strong enough to make it and passed away in her home. The woman knew that the babies needed extra help, so she surrendered Pickle and her brother to the ASPCA Animal Hospital (AAH) for urgent care. 

Pickle on a blanket

After arriving at the hospital, it was clear that Pickle and her brother were extremely sick.  ASPCA veterinarian Dr. Danielle Delfino stepped in and quickly diagnosed them with severe upper respiratory infections—which can be life-threatening, especially for kittens at such a young age—and sadly, Pickle’s brother was unable to hold on. Pickle was alone and clinging to life, but despite her small body and weakened condition, Pickle was a fighter.

During the next six months Pickle was plagued by a multitude of health concerns including hypoglycemia, pneumonia and corneal ulcers for which she had to see an ophthalmologist. Due to her young age and the fact that she was unwell, it was decided that Pickle should live with a foster so that she could receive round-the-clock care and comfort. Luckily for Pickle, her foster mom turned out to be someone she’d met on her first day at AAH: Dr. Danielle Delfino. 

Pickle relaxes with her friend

Dr. Delfino recalls feeling instantly drawn to the sweet, small kitty during their very first meeting. “When I saw her I immediately knew I wanted to adopt her,” she says. “There was an instant connection and no hesitation.” Danielle always wanted a Sphynx to join her four-legged-family, and she knew that she could not only provide Pickle with the medical attention she needed, but that she could also give her the caring, loving home that she’d been missing in her young life. 

Pickle in her new home

After six months of foster care, Pickle was ready to be adopted. Dr. Delfino made the adoption official as soon as she was able.

Since her adoption, Pickle has made herself right at home. Danielle says she runs the house and enjoys her time with her two pet siblings—a cat named Andy and a dog named Olive. Pickle spends her days playing with her many toys, or leisurely sitting in a window watching the world go by. “Pickle is spunky and full of energy and personality,” says Dr. Delfino. “Pickle prances and bounces around all over the house.” 

Pickle and Olive

After such a devastating start, it is truly heartwarming to know that Pickle can now shine in her new home as a beloved pet and family member.