The Seven Year Stretch: Ashante’s Search for the Perfect Home

October 26, 2016

Happy Tails: Ashante

We first met Ashante in 2009 when she was transferred to the ASPCA Animal Hospital (AAH) from another shelter. At the time, the one-year-old small black and white kitty had a benign growth that developed from a tumor in her inner ear. The veterinary team removed the growth, but as a result, Ashante was left with a change in the appearance of her eyes and a slight “head tilt.” These symptoms come from a form of facial asymmetry known as Horner’s Syndrome and are usually temporary, although they stayed with Ashante for quite some time. Despite these small symptoms, Ashante never slowed down, and she even bonded with another cat, Nemo, during her time at the ASPCA Adoption Center

Ashante in 2009

Ashante in 2009

Unfortunately, the journey for Ashante and her newfound friend Nemo wasn’t an easy one. Over the next seven years, the pair found new homes, but various issues and complications always brought them back to the Adoption Center. As time went on, health issues also began to arise for the pair. While both cats had minor health concerns and were brought in for treatment, Nemo’s health began to rapidly decline. In 2014, the team at the Adoption Center decided that it would be best for Nemo to enter Fospice, a program that allows animals who are not medically well enough for adoption to live out their golden years with a foster family that can provide them with proper medical treatment. Wanting Nemo to be the most comfortable for this phase of his life, they decided that it was best if Ashante remain with him.

It was devastating to think that Ashante would at some point lose her companion after they had been through so much together over the years. But, little did she know, there was a silver lining in store for the pair, and her permanent home wasn’t far away. After living comfortably with different fosters for close to two years, Ashante and Nemo were about to meet the foster parent that would change everything.

Molly F. and her partner joined our Foster Program after losing their cat Carson, and soon they had welcomed Nemo and Ashante into their home. The couple happily and kindly cared for Nemo for his last few months, telling us that they miss him dearly. But after his passing, they decided that they couldn’t let the now seven-year-old Ashante go. She belonged with them, as both the cats had become part of their family. And so, Ashante finally found the permanent, loving home she’d been searching for. 

Ashante on a couch and a scratching post

“Ashante is super soft, very friendly and fits into our lives so well. She's both laid back and loves to play,” Molly says of her new furry addition. “She sleeps through the night (right on top of my feet), and gets along with other cats which has allowed us to continue fostering.”

Molly tells us that the adjustment period was easy, since Ashante was already familiar with them and their home. Molly and her partner are so thankful to have found Ashante, and to have been able to foster and care for Nemo while he was with them. It is through the wonderful and selfless care of fosters like Molly that animals in need who are not ready for adoption can have the comfort of a home and the love of a family. Although Ashante’s journey was long, and there were sad moments along the road, the sweet kitty is now where she belongs—in a loving home with her perfect pet parents.

Ashante with her new foster sister Mabel

Ashante with her new foster sister Mabel

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