A Second Chance for a Home: Lucy’s Happy Tail

March 15, 2017


It was early September when we first met Lucy, a five-year-old pit bull/Jack Russell terrier mix in need of a new home. The blonde beauty brought with her a sad story. Though she’d spent the past four years of her life with a pet parent, the parent was no longer capable of keeping Lucy. She was forced to make the difficult decision to surrender her due to housing concerns—a primary reason for animal homelessness and surrender in metropolitan areas.

After her sad goodbye, Lucy was placed at the ASPCA Adoption Center, and it didn’t take long for everyone to notice her big, bubbly personality. In her time with us, Lucy’s favorite activities were playtime and curling up in someone’s lap. Lucy’s friendly, affectionate and playful behavior made her an easy dog to fall in love with—not to mention her thousand-watt smile!

lucy on a carpet

Everyone at the Adoption Center wanted nothing more than to see this sweetheart go home with the perfect adopter—someone just right for Lucy.  

Lucy running

Fortunately, it wasn’t terribly long before Lucy got just that. Just before Halloween, Richard C. was touring the Adoption Center in the hopes of finding the perfect companion. Although Richard had never been to the ASPCA before, he spotted Lucy’s photos on the website and felt that there was something special about her.

After their first meeting, it was clear that Lucy had found her new home.

lucy resting on blankets

Richard then made the adoption official, and he and Lucy began their new journey together. It didn’t take long for Lucy to comfortably adjust to her new surroundings and experiences.

Richard tells us that since Lucy began her life in Brooklyn, she has since become the “queen of the house.” He also mentions that his new pet has not only proved to be the perfect companion, but that she has truly made his house a home since her arrival.