San Diego County School District Commits to More Humane Food Purchasing

June 29, 2020


On Thursday, June 25, the Escondido Union School District (EUSD) Board of Education voted unanimously to adopt [PDF] the Good Food Purchasing Program (GFPP)—a framework for institutional food sourcing that the ASPCA actively supports in cities across the country as part of our broader Shop With Your Heart program and commitment to improving the lives of farm animals. Escondido Union School District is the first institution in San Diego County to adopt the GFPP and joins existing GFPP institutions throughout California and across the country.

The GFPP promotes procurement of food that is healthy, local, fair, sustainable and more humane, often relying on third-party certification programs to ensure producers’ commitment to these values. The program mandates higher farm animal welfare by requiring participating institutions to source from higher welfare and welfare-certified farms and/or reduce their overall consumption of animal products.

The ASPCA and our San Diego County supporters, alongside the San Diego Food System Alliance and local advocates, worked tirelessly to see this important resolution passed. EUSD schools serve more than three million meals each year, meaning their purchasing choices have a significant impact on the regional food system. By committing to the GFPP and more humane purchasing, the EUSD will ultimately improve the lives of countless animals raised for meat, eggs and dairy.

Please join our Advocacy Brigade to stay tuned as we continue to bring you updates on GFPP’s progress and the ASPCA’s involvement. YOUR city could be next!