Good Food Purchasing Program

Good Food Purchasing Program: Children eating

In addition to our work with producers, retailers and restaurants, the ASPCA is working in cities around the country—alongside health, environment, education and fair labor advocates—to help public institutions source higher-welfare and more just, sustainable food.

The Good Food Purchasing Program (GFPP) is a food procurement tool that helps school systems, municipalities, and other bodies source food that meets five value criteria:

  • Animal Welfare
  • Nutrition
  • Support for Local Economies
  • Worker Justice and Safety
  • Environmental Sustainability

As large-scale purchasers of animal products, these institutions affect the lives of millions of animals, and a shift in their preferences can drive wide-reaching improvements in farm animal treatment.

Institutions that commit to the GFPP must source an increasing percentage of their food from within these standards each successive year. Each value category—including Animal Welfare—also contains tiers. Institutions are encouraged to move up through these tiers over time as supply becomes available.

The GFPP’s animal welfare criterion addresses the conditions in which farm animals are raised for meat, milk and egg products. It relies largely on some of the same third-party-audited animal welfare certification programs that the ASPCA recommends to welfare-conscious consumers—programs that span a spectrum from pasture-based to enriched indoor living, but all of which disallow cages, crating and tethering, and which limit crowding, physical alterations and other conventional practices.


Chicago Public Schools – The Chicago Public School Board voted unanimously in 2017 to adopt GFPP, with support from the ASPCA.

Chicago Park District – The Chicago Park District voted in 2017 to adopt GFPP.

City of Chicago – The City of Chicago voted unanimously in 2017 to adopt GFPP, with support from the ASPCA.

Cook County (IL) – The Board of Commissioners voted in 2018 to adopt GFPP, with support from the ASPCA.

Oakland (CA) – The Oakland unified school district voted unanimously in 2016 to adopt the GFPP, with support from the ASPCA.

San Francisco – The San Francisco Unified School District’s Board of Education voted unanimously in 2016 to adopt the GFPP, with support from the ASPCA.

Los Angeles – The City of Los Angeles adopted the GFPP in 2012. The Los Angeles Unified School District likewise adopted the GFPP in 2012 and renewed its commitment, with support from the ASPCA, in 2014.

The ASPCA is working to help local communities pass the Good Food Purchasing Program in cities and school systems around the country (check out this U.S. map to see both active and succesfully completed campaigns). Please stay tuned for further news about GFPP efforts in particular cities, and be sure to join the Advocacy Brigade so we can alert you should we need support for the GFPP in your home city!