From Sammi to Piglet: One Sweet Dog’s Transformation

September 7, 2016

Happy Tails: Sammi

“There are no words to describe how much I love Piglet.” –Marissa B. of Brooklyn, New York

You’d never know by looking at Sammi (now known as Piglet) that this sweet pup has ever known anything other than love. But unfortunately, Sammi’s life was not always as picture perfect as it is now.

Once a victim of cruelty, Sammi was rescued by an NYPD officer and brought into the ASPCA. When she arrived, she was in poor health and suffering from Babesia, a blood parasite transmitted by tick bites. Though treatable, this parasite can cause weight loss, a swollen abdomen and other internal problems. Once she was in our care, the staff at the ASPCA Animal Hospital immediately began to work towards a full recovery for Sammi. Although she may always be a carrier of the parasite, they managed to control it and get the small pit bull mix feeling better in no time.

As she began to feel better, Sammi’s personality began to shine through, and she became a happy, social pup. It wasn’t long before she caught the eye of her perfect adopter, Marissa.

Sammi sitting down

“I always had a dog growing up.  Once I moved out, I lived with cats for many years but nothing compares to the companionship of a dog,” Marissa says about her decision to adopt. “When I finally moved to my own place, I knew the first thing I wanted was a furry friend of my very own.”

Little did she know, she would find the perfect furry friend in Sammi. Her original expectations painted a different picture in her head, but when she first saw the loving, goofy Sammi, she knew it was meant to be.

“When I first arrived at the ASPCA, I came in with the intentions of adopting a small dog. I wanted something small enough to take on the subway, but big enough not to fit in my purse. When I first saw Pig she looked up at me with these big bold eyes and I knew I had to meet her.”

Side view of Sammi looking up

After their first meeting, it didn’t take Marissa long to fall in love with the pup formerly known as Sammi. And it didn’t take her long to come up with the perfect new name for her either!

“I met her and she ran up to me immediately to say hello.  She was so excited she started wiggling like a pig and snorting like a pig. She was so cute. I was in love.” It was love at first snort, so Sammi became Piglet.

Since going home, Piglet has fully embraced her new life and identity. Marissa tells us that Piglet is in love with her neighborhood, and has been completely fearless during her adjustment to her new home. “The moment Piglet got to my home she was comfortable.  She jumped on my bed and was basically like ‘this is my home now!’ She was very friendly to my roommates and not afraid at all of anything.”

With her new home, and perfect pet parent, Piglet has found the life she deserves—and much more. 

Sammi winking