A Real Gem: Opal Shines in Her New Home

December 14, 2016

opal in the grass

“It took only that first night with her to know that she was the right dog for me. She and I became attached.” –Sarah C. of Brooklyn, NY

Sometimes, the right thing comes along at precisely the right time. What’s meant to be shall be. The same can certainly be said for Sarah, a Medical Caregiver at the ASPCA, and her adopted dog, Opal, who was born in our care.

Sarah was working in the ASPCA’s Canine Annex for Recovery and Enrichment (CARE) unit when a young, pregnant Chihuahua named Amethyst came in needing emergency care. She’d been a victim of cruelty and desperately needed help. Sarah was put in charge of Amethyst, who soon gave birth to her puppy: Opal. After four weeks in foster care, Amethyst went on to find her own happy ending, but Opal remained in CARE with Sarah. The two began to form an undeniable bond. 

Opal with Sarah

In this time, Opal became slightly sick with an upset stomach. “She was this sweet little girl who cried because she only wanted some company because she was feeling ill,” says Sarah. Sarah set up a section in CARE where she could monitor Opal, and it wasn’t long before the young Chihuahua came to depend on Sarah. “She became so fond of me that she continuously looked for me every time I left the room and was so eager to lay in my lap,” Sarah said. “Soon after, I took her in to foster overnight and made sure she was recovering well.” It only took one night for Sarah to realize that she wanted to adopt Opal.

Once Opal began to feel better, Sarah was able to see her true nature coming out. The playful, rambunctious little puppy won her heart over day by day, and wasted no time at all making herself at home with Sarah. There was no question that Opal had truly found her home. Sarah adopted the puppy the day she returned her from foster, and the rest is history.

Opal on a chair outside

Sarah decided that Opal’s new life should come with a new name. After spending more time together, she realized that Opal’s prime time for play was in the late evening. “That’s when I decided what I would name her: Artemis, who was a Greek goddess of the hunt and moon.”

Artemis is now living her life to the fullest with Sarah. She is playful, energetic and completely comfortable in her home. She’s even become the best of friends with Sarah’s seven-year-old family dog, Wicket. “Artemis is learning how to socialize with other dogs, walk on a leash, charm people with her eyes, is great with kids and is becoming the sweetest dog I know,” Sarah tells us. “She has finally found her ‘Happy Tail’ and I couldn’t be more thankful and happy to have her in my life.”