Ready For a Spartan Pup Who Knows How to Party? It’s Luca!

February 1, 2024


Luca, a handsome, energetic six-year-old pup, is ready to settle down and enjoy the good life with you!

Here at the Adoption Center in New York City, Luca has become quite a popular pup! You won’t need to look long to find one of his fans—humans and fellow canines alike. ASPCA Integrated Care Assistant Sidney has many kind things to say about him! 

“While Luca does live up to his godly status with presence and enthusiasm he will ultimately captivate you with how deeply he loves and his ever-present zest for life,” Sidney says. 

At first, Luca will approach new situations with max-level excitement, and he tends to channel that energy in a way that makes him forget his manners momentarily.

“Think of it like a first date! He might not make the perfect impression, but you see something there, so you’re interested in giving him another chance.”


“Thankfully, Luca is an extremely attentive and trainable pup, and he’ll do just about anything for a treat!” Sidney adds. “If you’ve got something tasty for him to enjoy, Luca will come back down to earth and remember that he is a true gentleman at his core. Once you get to know Luca, he will capture your heart completely. He is a total love bug who will shower you with kisses and press his entire body against your legs for full-body pets.”

As much as Luca loves to play—both with his toys and with other dogs—at the end of the day, he loves to chew on a plushy while getting belly rubs and staring longingly into the eyes of his loved ones.

“Between his love for play and his expert cuddling skills, Luca is truly the best of all worlds!” Sidney says.

If you’d like to learn about this affectionate God of Tug-O-War, visit his profile to fill out Luca’s adoption application!