One Sweet Kitten Finds His Perfect Family

May 31, 2017


Irvin is now named Conor, a.k.a. 'Nugget,' because he is a big ol’ nugget of cuteness!” –Kristina M. of Queens, NY

In early September 2016, we met one-month-old Irvin after he was transferred to the ASPCA Kitten Nursery from our partnering Animal Care Center (ACC). Over the next three months, he was given all the treatment necessary for a kitten his age, including a neuter surgery. Irvin was deemed happy and healthy by ASPCA veterinarians in November and was moved to the ASPCA Adoption Center where he could begin his search for a loving family.

To everyone that encountered him, Irvin was an incredibly affectionate and loving kitty. No one doubted that before the end of the month, sweet Irvin would find the perfect home. Sure enough, a very special couple walked through the Adoption Center doors the following week in search of a new furry friend.

Irvin as a kitten

Kristina M. and her husband had recently decided that it was time to bring a new family member into their home. Sadly, they’d lost one of their two cats the previous summer and wanted their current resident kitty, Max, to have another feline companion.

While they toured the Adoption Center, the couple first noticed Irvin casually lounging with a few other cats. Kristina, a self-described “sucker for black cats,” tells us that once Adoption Center staff took Irvin out to meet them, they knew that he was the one.

“When we got him out of the glass enclosure he crawled to the top of my husband’s shoulder to snuggle near his neck, and that was it!” Kristina says. “He won over our hearts with his easy-going attitude and the fact he wanted to snuggle from the get go!”

Irvin resting

The couple knew that it was meant to be. They made the adoption official and took Irvin to his new home that day. Upon his arrival, Irvin was renamed Conor, but Kristina tells us that they often refer to him as “Nugget” because he is “a nugget of cuteness.”

Conor’s introduction to his new home and to his new furry brothers was slow. In addition to his new feline sibling, Max, Conor also joined Frankie, a senior small-breed dog. Kristina made sure to take plenty of time introducing Conor to the other animals, keeping him separate from them for a couple of weeks after his adoption. Though Max was apprehensive of Conor at first, slowly but surely, he began to accept and love his new little brother.  

Conor and Max lounging around together.

Conor and Max lounging around together.

Kristina tells us that Conor absolutely loves his home, and that they all love having him as a part of their family. He plays with the other animals daily and loves to snuggle in the mornings before breakfast. Not to mention, he loves the unlimited toys and cardboard boxes!”  

Conor using Frankie as a pillow, while Max watches from above.

Conor using Frankie as a pillow, while Max watches from above.

Conor’s “Happy Tail” reminds us that for every aspiring pet parent, there is the perfect pet waiting for a loving home. You can create a “Happy Tail” of your own by adopting a cat or dog from your local shelter today!