Once a Victim of Hoarding, Senior Cat Now Lives in His Perfect Home

April 20, 2017


“He is always by my side to keep me company, and rarely likes to be alone.” –Emily D. of New York, NY.

In January 2016, we met a senior cat named Greg who had been brought in by the ASPCA’s Cruelty Intervention Advocacy (CIA) team after being removed from a hoarding situation. At the time, the 11-year-old tabby cat was suffering from chronic eyelid inflammation and entropion, a disorder that causes the eyelids to curl inward. After a corrective surgery and visits to board-certified ophthalmologists and dermatologists, the ASPCA’s veterinary team noticed Greg’s left eye was still slightly affected. However, Greg did not seem overly bothered and since the condition was not potentially dangerous to his health, Greg was moved to the ASPCA Adoption Center by the end of April.

During the next six months, Greg spent some time living with a foster due to his eye issues before joining the ASPCA’s Office Foster program. This program allows some of our feline friends to live in ASPCA staff members’ offices and gives cats like Greg the chance to become more sociable. By October, Greg had returned to the Adoption Center once again and, by this time, was a favorite of everyone he came into contact with. The Adoption Center team was determined to find the senior cat his perfect home. 

Greg in his former office foster home.

Greg in his former office foster home.

Fortunately for Greg, his search for a home would soon come to a happy end. Emily D. had recently decided to adopt again after one of her two cats passed away. She believed that her remaining cat, Olivia, was lonely after losing her lifelong companion. Emily searched the ASPCA website for adoptable cats, and that’s where she first spotted Greg. “I saw Greg's photo and read his story on the ASPCA website and instantly had a feeling about Greg,” she says. Emily was drawn to Greg’s story, and the fact that he was close to Olivia’s age. She decided to take a trip to the Adoption Center and meet the handsome tabby cat in person. 

Greg at his new home

Upon her arrival on a busy Saturday, Emily asked a volunteer if they knew of a cat named Greg. While the volunteer was unfamiliar with Greg, Emily heard a call from across the room that said, “Did you say Greg?! We love Greg!” The call had come from Jody Salbo, Director of Business Management and Operations at the Adoption Center, and also one of Greg’s many fans. Emily tells us that this enthusiasm from Jody was what really sealed the deal. Jody then led her into a private room to meet her potential pet. “And the rest is history,” Emily says. 

Olivia (Left) and Greg (Right).

Olivia (Left) and Greg (Right).

Emily adopted Greg in mid-October and took him home to introduce him to his new feline sibling. She tells us that the adjustment was gradual, but that Greg has made himself right at home. “Initially my cat Olivia was ‘the queen,’ and Greg tread lightly around her with some hissing on both sides,” she says. “After about a month Greg had taken over as the king of the castle. He is a wild man who runs around the apartment, bringing energy and happiness to everything, including his new sister Olivia. He loves attention and is never shy about saying ‘Hey I'm right here, time to pet me.’"

Though it seemed like a long journey for Greg, it was certainly worth the wait. “He is such a sweet boy and we are all very happy,” says Emily.