No Longer Alone: Morgan Finds the Joy of Family

October 11, 2017


“This gorgeous, misunderstood dog was full of nothing but love and excitement.” –Tyler P. of Queens, NY.

We first met Morgan in late June, when she was brought to the ASPCA by a Good Samaritan who’d found the eight-month-old pit bull-mix abandoned underneath a footbridge. It seemed inconceivable that anyone could leave a vulnerable animal on their own like that—especially on the busy streets of New York City—and we knew that Morgan, like many of the animals we work so hard for, deserved better than what she’d been given in her young life. Though she wasn’t critically injured, Morgan’s unkempt and filthy coat, along with other signs of neglect, indicated that she’d been on her own for some time. After her arrival and initial examination, Morgan spent just over a month in the ASPCA’s Animal Recovery Center (ARC), where she was cleaned up and able to receive proper care. 

Morgan with a tennis ball in her mouth

Once Morgan was ready to move to the ASPCA Adoption Center and begin her search for a loving home, it was only a matter of weeks before the lovable gray-and-white pup caught an adopter’s eye. Tyler P. had decided that he was ready to bring a four-legged friend into his home after moving to New York from the West Coast. “We recently moved out from California and have always been in very dog-friendly homes,” he tells us. “Once we got settled in, we felt our home was empty and wanted to fill the void with a companion to share our adventures with us.” 

As Tyler and his family began their search for the right companion, they remained undecided on what type of dog they were looking for. The only specifics they had in mind, Tyler tells us, is that they were looking for a large-breed dog. “We had been to a few shelters and met various animals, but when we were at [the] ASPCA looking at the dogs, Morgan jumped up on the glass wagging her tail when we walked past,” he says. “We decided to meet Morgan because she was ready to be adopted that day. When we were introduced, she barreled into the room, jumped on my lap and started licking me profusely.” 

Morgan with a tennis ball

Tyler says at that moment he knew that Morgan was the dog they’d been looking for. Morgan’s capacity for love and affection won Tyler and his family over, sealing the deal then and there. “She was like the Tasmanian Devil and had no boundaries for space. That's when we knew she was the one.” In mid-August, Tyler made the adoption official, renamed Morgan “Mia,” and took her to begin a new life, leaving the hardships of her past behind. This was truly the mark of Mia’s new life as a beloved pet. 

Morgan at her new home and with a new toy

Tyler tells us that Mia’s adjustment to her new home in the Queens neighborhood of Long Island City was quick and easy. Coming up on her birthday, the now almost one-year-old pup is happier than ever before. “She's incredible,” he says. “She's happy, eager to learn and her favorite thing to do is cuddle.”

When asked about his decision to adopt, and what advice he might have for someone considering adopting a shelter dog, Tyler said that the most important thing is to have an open mind. “Consider the situation the dog is in before writing them off at the shelter,” he says. “With Mia, many others might have avoided adopting her because she was so high energy when we first met. But, as soon as she settled into our home, she calmed down and became a ball of love. Now we have the benefit of a dog who is great when playing outdoors while maintaining her manners inside the home.”

Morgan with a toy on the roof

October is Adopt a Shelter Dog Month, and you can help create Happy Tails of your very own by adopting from your local shelter, or by checking out the ASPCA’s Find Your Fido page to learn more about actions you can take to help animals in need.