New Welfare-Certified Chicken Lands in Major Supermarket Chain

November 5, 2018


Finding more humanely raised chicken just got a whole lot easier! This week, Georgia-based Wayne Farms launched Naked Truth, its welfare-certified chicken brand, in 250 Sam’s Club stores.

“The humane treatment of animals raised for food is a universally held value and a top concern for consumers across the country,” says Nancy Roulston, Director of Corporate Engagement for Farm Animal Welfare at the ASPCA. “The ASPCA is thrilled that Wayne Farms is addressing this concern by having its Naked Truth brand certified by Global Animal Partnership (Step 2), an independent animal welfare program, and making it widely accessible through Sam’s Club. They have shown it is possible to raise chickens in an improved environment, and with more space, at a large scale. We’re so pleased to add Naked Truth chicken to our Shop With Your Heart Brand List.”

Awareness of how animals are treated in our nation’s industrial farms is growing. Over three-quarters of Americans [PDF] are concerned about farm animal welfare, manifesting in increased consumer demand for action and accountability from food companies. This past September, more than 17,500 people participated in the first ASPCA Factory Farm Detox by eliminating factory farmed products from their diets for one week. Furthermore, a 2017 survey of U.S. retailers showed that sales of animal welfare-certified products have increased over the past three years—despite competition on store shelves from deceptively labeled products—which clearly is motivating some food-industry decisionmakers to stock actual higher-welfare products. It’s just good business! 

The ASPCA encourages shoppers seeking more humanely produced products to look for brands bearing Global Animal Partnership, Animal Welfare Approved or Certified Humane logos on the package. These labels ensure that important considerations for animals, such as space to move and enriched environments that support natural behavior, are implemented on farms and verified by independent inspectors. With brands like Naked Truth investing in welfare certification and the Shop With Your Heart Brand List growing every month, it has never been easier to flex your consumer power for farm animals.  

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