Consumers Across the Country Rally for the Factory Farm Detox

October 4, 2018
Cows on a farm
Last week the ASPCA launched our first-ever Factory Farm Detoxand we were blown away by the response. 
Over 17,500 people participated in the detox by vowing to cut out all factory farmed products for one week with the help of the ASPCA’s Shop With Your Heart consumer resources, including our welfare-certified and plant-based brand listlabel guide and detox-approved recipes. Celebrity chefs like Carla Hall and Chloe Coscarelli, as well as entertainers including Joan Jett, Beth Behrs and Jennifer Coolidge, shared the detox with their followers. Supportive organizations fighting for workers’ rights, food safety and sustainable farming posted about their own reasons for supporting the campaign. Companies and farms whose practices met the standards of the detox were proud to share that with their customers. Advocates also shared tips, meals and personal reflections on our Shop With Your Heart Facebook group, including comments like these:
Marina T. said, “I loved it and I absolutely plan to continue this. It was inspirational for me, made me feel I was part of something good [and] gives a whole new meaning to my life!”
Lindsey M. said, “I learned A LOT from the online resources. I also learned that we have a long way to go to bring animal welfare more mainstream[…]. I will definitely be writing some letters to my local grocers letting them know I want access to brands that care.”
The inaugural Factory Farm Detox is over, but the work continues as billions of animals are raised each year in this country in unhealthy and inhumane conditions. The good news is that consumers are sending a message to the farm industry that this is not acceptable. In just the past year we have added 17 welfare-certified products to the Shop With Your Heart brand list and six companies have worked with us to announce commitments to become welfare-certified. 
We will continue to urge companies to adopt stringent farm animal welfare standards, and you can help and stay in-the-know by taking the pledge to Shop With Your Heart. Small, daily actions, when taken by a large group of compassionate people, can make all the difference. Join us!