Neglected Maya Is Given a Second Chance to Become a Beloved Pet

June 7, 2017


“Overall she is so sweet. She loves people and dogs, and always is complimented!”-Christopher F. of New York, NY

In late January 2016, the NYPD removed several dogs from a Bronx home after finding the dogs in squalid living conditions. It was clear from their surroundings that the dogs had been victims of severe neglect—they were found underweight and living in their own feces­­. Shortly after their rescue, the victims were brought to the ASPCA for care and treatment.

After being assessed individually at the ASPCA’s Animal Recovery Center (ARC), many of the dogs were sent to the ASPCA’s Canine Annex for Recovery and Enrichment (CARE) to begin behavioral treatment and slowly start to heal from the emotional trauma they’d endured.

Maya resting

One of these fearful dogs was four-year-old Maya, a black-and-white pit bull mix. Though she had no significant physical injuries, Maya spent just over six months rehabilitating at CARE. There, the ASPCA’s Behavioral Team were able to work closely with Maya, ensuring that she would soon be ready to find a loving home and become a perfect pet for the right pet parent. After her time at CARE, Maya moved to the ASPCA Adoption Center in the beginning of August, and it wasn’t long before the lovable pit bull caught someone’s eye.

By the end of that month, Christopher F. had made the decision to adopt a dog of his very own. The first-time adopter had finally moved to an apartment where pets were welcomed, and he knew that adoption was the only way to go.

At first, Christopher had his mind set on a smaller furry friend. “I was initially looking for a smaller dog,” Christopher tells us. “However, after walking around and seeing Maya’s sweet face and small frame, I thought she could be the one!”

Maya and Christopher napping together.

Maya and Christopher napping together.

It turns out, she truly was. After meeting the affectionate and playful Maya, Christopher decided to make the adoption official. After her tragic beginnings, Maya was finally able to move on to a fresh chapter in her life, and most importantly to a caring home.

Maya Smiling

Maya smiling for the camera!

Christopher tells us that Maya adjusted well to her new surroundings, but that they both had to take some time to get to know each other in the beginning. However, once settled, the pair quickly found their own rhythm. “I think Maya loves her home,” Christopher says happily. “She is well behaved and we are conveniently located near several parks. It’s easy to walk her, and take her for runs in the park.”

Christopher and Maya

Maya and Christopher out for a walk.

Christopher tells us that Maya is known by most as a complete sweetheart, and that she often gets quite a bit of attention when they are out. “Overall she is so sweet. She loves people and dogs, and always is complimented,” he says.

Maya and a doggy friend (left). Maya lounging in her home (right).

Maya and a doggy friend (left). Maya lounging in her home (right).

After a rough start, it is heartwarming to see Maya’s transition from innocent victim to beloved pet.

Sadly, there are still countless numbers of animals waiting for their own loving homes. Fortunately, you can help dogs like Maya find their own Happy Tails by adopting a local shelter dog today.