Nashville Humane Association Welcomes Graduates from the ASPCA Behavioral Rehabilitation Center

November 3, 2021

This week, in a collaborative effort with the Nashville Humane Association (NHA), three dogs, Story, Colby and Snoop, who recently graduated from the ASPCA Behavioral Rehabilitation Center (BRC) in Weaverville, North Carolina, have arrived in Nashville and are ready for adoption! This is the most recent of several transports of homeless dogs from the BRC to NHA. We have been closely collaborating with NHA to find homes for dogs who have undergone rehabilitation and are prepared for adoption, including several who were victims of cruelty and neglect. To date, 24 dogs have been transported to NHA through the partnership. 

Two of the dogs arriving in Nashville this week, Colby and Snoop, along with several others already adopted out by the team at NHA, were rescued from an overcrowded home in Shadyside, Ohio, in late May 2021. Over 90 dogs of varying breeds, sizes and ages, including pregnant mothers, were found living in a single-wide dilapidated trailer, and many were confined to a dark room with no access to fresh air, food or water. Due to their extreme fear, many of the dogs were transported to the BRC for care. The third dog arriving this week, Story, was transferred from a rescue group to the BRC for specialized support in helping her become familiar with new people, objects and sounds.

Snoop (left) and Colby (right)

“The ASPCA is grateful for the tremendous support of Nashville Humane Association, which allows us to not only find loving homes for animals who have overcome so much, but also free up space in our facility to help even more dogs in need,” said Deirdre Franklin, Senior Management of Placement at the BRC. “We look forward to continuing our collaboration with the NHA team and finding new, loving homes for even more BRC graduates who deserve a second chance.”

“The ASPCA’s Behavioral Rehabilitation Center offers shelter pets like Colby, Snoop, Story and so many others just like them, an opportunity for a second chance at an amazing life,” said Laura Baker, NHA Executive Director. “Through this amazing program and facility, we’re able to see an unbelievable transformation and journey that culminates with so many wagging tails, happy kisses and forever homes.”

The BRC is a first-of-its-kind facility dedicated to the study and rehabilitation of homeless dogs suffering from severe fear and undersocialization, often resulting from cruelty and neglect. Dogs undergo specialized rehabilitation treatment to prepare them for lives in loving homes. The Weaverville facility has individual kennels, along with “real-life rooms,” designed to help dogs get used to life in home environments, outdoor play areas and a large indoor training area where our Behaviorists and trainers work with dogs in the program. Once the dogs have completed the program, the graduates are placed within our network of partner shelters, including NHA, and rescue groups to be made available for adoption and find loving homes.

Colby, Snoop and Story are each eager to find kind and patient adopters to help them continue to learn and grow. See the NHA website for more information!