A Mini Home for the Holidays

December 21, 2020

Robin's daughter and Cindy

Cindy was one of 10 horses who arrived at Nexus Equine’s facility in Oklahoma City on a cold, wintry day last December. Her arrival was coordinated by the ASPCA Regional Support Center, a pilot program launched in 2019 designed to provide a safe place for horse owners to receive basic veterinary services or relinquish their horses so they can be adopted into new homes. The Oklahoma City-based pilot was launched in collaboration with several rehoming partners, including Nexus Equine, and a local veterinarian.

Thanks to the work of Nexus Equine and the ASPCA Regional Support Center, Cindy and Robin were brought together.

close up on Cindy

After years of moving around the country, Robin and her husband Raymond decided to settle down in their home state of Oklahoma—with plenty of room for their three children and several grandchildren. Robin wanted to bring horses into their family and found Nexus Equine on Facebook. She loved the charming photos the group posted of the miniature horses available for adoption.

“There were several miniature horses and we thought they would be a perfect fit for us and our small place. We met little Cindy on our first visit. She was so sweet and full of personality. She immediately had us smiling and we all fell in love with her,” Robin recalls of her first encounter with Cindy at Nexus Equine.

Cindy outside playing

The only problem was that Cindy wasn’t yet available for adoption, so Robin opted to adopt two of Cindy’s herd-mates—Shazam and Abby. They both settled in well and thrived with their new family. Much to Robin’s surprise, Nexus Equine called her a few weeks later to let her know that Cindy was now available for adoption.

Despite having fallen in love with Cindy, Robin hesitated. She wanted to make sure Cindy would get along with Shazam and Abby. She asked to foster Cindy for two months to ensure it was a good match for all involved.

“She fit in from day one with our other horses! We all love Cindy and we are so happy to have her as part of our family.”

Robin's daughter and Cindy

Cindy quickly befriended Shazam and Abby, and even bonded with Robin’s youngest daughter.

“Our little Cindy loves children. She loves getting attention, and the kiddos can’t wait to love on her too. Our youngest daughter goes out and sits in the pasture on nice days. Cindy comes up and loves on her and gives her kisses. That, to me, is what makes her our right horse.”

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