We Wish You a Mini (Horse) Christmas

December 13, 2019

a mini horse with reindeer on its head

One of the biggest hurdles to nurturing our animal companions is the cost of care. For some guardians of horses, the costs can quickly become overwhelming. Unfortunately, horses don’t have access to the same types of shelters and rehoming services as cats, dogs, bunnies and other animals. 

That’s why the ASPCA, along with our partner organizations, is working to bridge the gap and bring our equine friends who are in transition one step closer to finding new homes.

Our story begins with five senior horses transferred from the ASPCA Regional Support Center in Oklahoma to one of our nearby rescue partners, Nexus Equine. We worked with Nexus Equine to identify places where these retired, extra-needs horses might find loving connections—and luckily, one of our other rehoming partners fit the bill! This Old Horse in Hastings, Minnesota, specializes in rehoming older equines or those who require extra care, and frequently has a waiting list of people looking to adopt these horses.

Mini horses

The ASPCA facilitated the transport of these five horses from Oklahoma to Minnesota to find their new homes. But what about the empty trailer heading back to Oklahoma? This Old Horse had just the solution. Having recently rescued 10 miniature horses in need of training and adopters of their own, This Old Horse sent them to Oklahoma, where miniature horses are highly sought after.

On December 3, with manes flying and hooves clattering, the 10 mini horses hopped on a trailer ready for their new lives in Oklahoma. 

The next morning, a crowd of staff and volunteers at Nexus Equine eagerly waited in the barn to welcome these ponies. Excitement filled the air as the trailer pulled into the long driveway and pulled up to the barn. Fifteen minutes later, the minis settled in by quietly surveying their new environment while munching on fresh hay. 

a mini horse in a stable

Now eager to find new homes and new human matches for these minis, Nexus Equine is preparing them for adoption by providing the training and additional care the group needs. As an ode to the spirit of the season that guided them to Oklahoma, the miniature horses have been given holiday-themed names (for example we have a “Jolly” in the bunch) and will be celebrating the season with a festive adoption campaign.

“The ASPCA Regional Support Center is an incredible example of what can be accomplished through collaborations and partnership,” explained Rita Hoch, President and Chief Executive Officer of Nexus Equine. “Through the connections made with the ASPCA, we know our five senior horses will find wonderful adoptive homes with This Old Horse, and we will be able to help a special herd of ponies have a Merry Mini Christmas.”

a mini horse looking behind itself with a persons hand on its back

Interested in adopting your own horse with whom you can celebrate the holidays? Learn more about equine adoption by visiting myrighthorse.org, a new program of the ASPCA. 

After all, there’s no place like home for the holidays.