Meowskers Is the Cat’s Meow—Adopt Him Today!

March 12, 2024

Meowskers Is the Cat’s Meow—Adopt Him Today!

Have you heard the word about magnificent Meowskers? This handsome guy is looking for a home in the tri-state area, and he’s ready to charm his way into your heart!

When Meowskers first enters your home, he may need some time to settle in and get comfortable. He is a gentle soul who can be sensitive to new environments. Meowskers’ ideal adopter would be a patient and understanding person who can provide him with a loving, affectionate home. All he really asks for is time and space, and he’ll soon show you his true colors!

Meowskers at home

Once he's feeling at home and cozy, Meowskers will blossom into a confident cat who is all about playtime—especially with his favorite wand toys! He is a sweet kitty who can't resist pets and tasty treats, especially if it’s the crunchy kind of treat. Meowskers may also do best in a home with teens and older, and he can be picky with cat friends. Our Adoption Team can help you decide if he’s the paw-fect match for your home!

If you have room on your sofa for a sweet cat like Meowskers, visit his profile and fill out an application today!