Marbles Gets a Second Chance

December 16, 2020

Marbles and Maria

When Maria S. and her husband’s 13-year-old Dalmatian passed away earlier this year, they knew they had to give another dog a chance to live a good life. The couple, whom are both scientists, had never been to the ASPCA Adoption Center before but were in search of a dog whose life they would change.

Prior to going to the Adoption Center, Maria thought a lot about the type of dog she wanted. “Many people adopt puppies or young dogs and I wanted to adopt a dog for our family, but also for the dog itself. A dog that not many people would look at.” Which is exactly how Maria found Marbles.

Maria, her husband, and Marbles

Turning a Frown Upside Down

Marbles, a 10-year-old hound mix, was transferred to the ASPCA from the Animal Care Centers of NYC (ACC). For weeks he waited patiently at the Adoption Center. As a large senior dog Marbles was at a disadvantage when compared to his younger canine counterparts. That is, until Maria and her husband spotted him.

“I remember Marbles’ face at the shelter. He was really sad; he wouldn’t even wag his tail. When I first met him, I saw the sadness in his face and the white hair showing his age. I wanted to give him a second chance.”

Of course, there were still some things to consider. Maria’s husband wasn’t too sure about adopting a senior dog, as he was worried about the limited amount of time they would get to spend with an older pup. They were also concerned about having a large dog in a small New York City apartment.

But they soon realized that Marbles, like most senior pets, was a quiet dog with a lower energy level, perfect for an NYC apartment. It also didn’t matter how much time they got to spend with Marbles, as long as they could give him a loving home for whatever time they do have!

Marbles at home and outside with Maria

Life in the Big Apple

Since bringing Marbles home, Maria and her husband have loved spending time with him. He adapted very well and fits into the family– and their lifestyle– perfectly.

“Although our apartment is small, he follows us everywhere! Due to the pandemic I have been working from home all year on the computer and Marbles is the perfect company. He is always sleeping besides me.”

Marbles is also an adorable reminder for the couple to take a break from work and go for a walk. Sometimes, when Maria and her husband have time off, they even take Marbles hiking. “He has the heart of a hunter, so he enjoys it very much.”


At the end of the day, Maria and her husband found just the dog they were looking for.

“[Senior dogs] are the most loyal and wonderful friends. A senior dog will truly appreciate everything you do for them. They will cherish your company more than anything else.”