Looking for Love? Meet our Bark-chelors, Cat-chlorettes and Future Hoovesbands!

February 15, 2022

February 15 marks Singles Awareness Day, and these adoptable dogs, cats and horses are single and ready to mingle with people like you! Are you looking for the love of a lifetime? Look no further! See if any of these four-legged friends could be your perfect match by checking out their bios below! 

Your Paw-fect Pair Could Be in New York City!

Ella, 9, Former Paw-geant Girl

Meet your dream dog! Ella wins the hearts of everyone she meets and is sure to win yours, too. She is very well behaved, sweet and loving. While Ella is mostly a low-energy, mellow gal, she also loves going for walks and is incredibly well-mannered on leash! Ella would be a great fit for most families and could live well with another calm dog. She does have some medical needs that our staff would be happy to tell you more about. But for this good girl, the bit of extra effort is well worth it!

Lazy, 9, Purr-sonal Assistant

Lazy is an older gentleman who can be a little nervous in new places—he likes to be wined and dined before cozying up to you. Once you win his trust, you’ll see that Lazy’s personality is just as beautiful as his exterior! Lazy LOVES wand toys with mice on the end and will be happy to play with you. With time, Lazy warms up to petting—especially when paired with a yummy treat.

Jammy, 7, Mewsician

Looking for a cat to keep your bed warm? You’re in luck! Shy Jammy absolutely loves snuggles and pets in bed. Jammy has come a long way—he was completely shut down when he arrived at the shelter, but with love and affection, he’s making progress—and in a quiet adoptive home, we think Jammy will thrive! Jammy is monogamous, meaninghe’ll want to be the only cat in the home, where he’ll headbutt you for full-body pets and keep himself entertained with solo playtime.

Icy, 10, Claw-Enforcement

Icy is quite the chill cat! A mature lady, Icy can usually be found lounging around and relaxing. Icy loves affection, purring and kneading while being loved on by anyone who enters her room—when she isn’t busy being a cat burrito in her blankets! This lovely lady is in diabetic remission—and she feels great. Icy will melt your heart!

Lion, 11, Model for Vanity Fur

He’s the king of the jungle—now, our Lion wants to be the king of your home! He’s as regal as his name implies and this gentle giant is sweet as they come. He’ll happily come greet visitors and is quick to indulge in cheek scratches and full body pets. With a big purr, Lion will roll over and even allow tummy rubs. Once he really loves you, he’ll climb right into your lap. Lion has diabetes—but trust us, the little bit of extra work is worth it to be showered in his love! Plus, our staff can help you with everything you need to know about setting Lion up for success in his new home.

Is Your Meow-tch in Los Angeles?

Crystal, 2, Unemployed but Drives a Furr-ari

Crystal is a sensitive and sweet mama whose kittens have all found loving homes. Now this empty nester is ready to find the one for her! Shy Crystal is very easy going, low-maintenance and the perfect match for someone in search of a loving and calm companion. She'd love a quiet home where she can warm up to you on her own terms—then she'll be demanding pets and even belly rubs!

Lil Bear, 5 Months, Cathlete, and Eileen, 5 Months, Hiss-tory Teacher 

Eileen and Lil Bear are BFFs and looking for a home where they can cuddle, play and get pets and daily naps on your lap! Eileen is blind but that doesn't slow her down one bit! She’s a happy, fearless, loveable beauty with a lust for kitty life. Lil Bear is an outgoing, social and very affectionate cat with a BIG heart. He helps guide Eileen and make her feel secure, comfortable and loved—he even wears a bell collar so that Eileen knows where he is at all times. Because they are such a dynamic duo, Eileen and Lil Bear must be adopted together. 

Could one of these North Carolina Dogs be the Love of Your Life?

Teacup, 2, Paw-fessional Gamer

Adorable Teacup was brought to us struggling with under-socialization and fear. After almost a year in treatment, Teacup is ready to find her adopter! She is a beautiful, shy and sweet girl with a big smile and playful spirit. Curious Teacup loves other dogs and would love to live with a with a playful, confident dog to help her navigate the world. She can even live with cats! Teacup is looking for an adopter who, with a little time and patience, can help her continue to blossom. Bonus points for a fenced yard!

Pocket, 2, Bark-tender

Pocket spent just over 18 weeks at our BRC to work on her under-socialization and fear, and now she’s ready to find her adopter! Pocket is a fun girl that REALLY loves to play. She is easily entertained with toys and would be thrilled to experience a big yard that she can run around in. This smart girl is housetrained and crate-trained and will work hard for treats. While Pocket is a high-energy pup, she loves naps and snuggles and would be a great fit for an active adopter!

Kong, 3, Wide Retriever for the Paw-triots

Kong is a sweet and gentle boy who really loves playing with other dogs. He was found living outside of a coal mine with several dogs, and now loves being outside! Kong is a polite and quiet housemate who will greet familiar people joyfully at the door. He is exceptional with leash walking and is a pleasure to take on a walk or hike. Kong can be somewhat shy and is hoping to find an adopter that is patient, kind and willing to help him learn and grow.

Your Right Horse Is Waiting for You!

Cookie, 19, Owner of a Bridle Salon

Cookie is an approximately 19- to 20-year-old Appaloosa miniature mare, standing around 35” tall. This quick learner needs to go to an experienced home where she will benefit from consistent handling. Cookie will accept a saddle and a light leadline rider! She will lunge nicely and hops right on the trailer. She seems to enjoy being worked with and doing groundwork. Cookie will do well in a home with equine companions near her size as well as a dry lot with 24/7 access to hay.

Momma Mia, 10, Dance Instructor, Specializes in the Neigh-Neigh

Momma Mia look at this beautiful horse! This girl is a blank slate. Having been loved much of her life by the same owner, she came to us having never been started under saddle, though she started training in December. Mia has nice manners on the ground and is well on her way to learning how to understand humans as riders. This BEAUTIFUL girl stands at 14.2 HH and is available to an advanced level trainer. She is quick to learn and sensitive to cues!

Rivendell, 8, Horspitality for Local Fellowship

Intelligent, kind, polite and studious, Rivendell has a quiet spirit that often reminds us of a librarian. But don’t let that fool you: he’s got his own motor that will try, try and try again to get it right. He’s also shown great affinity towards being a jumper. Because of a previous injury, it’ll be best if those jumps are under 3’6”, but you won’t find a horse that will be happier to do it. Rivendell would do best with someone experienced that can remind him Rome wasn’t built in a day.

Don’t see the animal for you? Love is still out there and could even be at your local shelter