Looking for an Everlasting Bond: Boots’ Search for the Perfect Home

December 21, 2016


“Willow Stormborn has brought so much love and joy back to my life, and I hope I am doing the same in hers.” –Tara A. of New York, NY

Sometimes it takes just a little longer for a sweet cat or dog to find their perfect adopter. Adoptions happen day in and day out, but unfortunately they may not always be the right match and may not work out. For lovable, six-year-old cat Boots, this was the case. We first met Boots in September 2015 after she was transferred to the ASPCA from Animal Care and Control (ACC), where she was brought in as a stray. Although Boots was quickly adopted, she was sadly brought back to the ASPCA Animal Hospital (AAH) just four days later with medical issues. Boots’ adopter noticed that after bringing her home, she was having difficulty walking and jumping. After a few weeks with the veterinary team, it was determined that Boots was well and able to go home, but unfortunately, Boots’ adopter decided not to reunite with the calico kitty. In the winter of 2015 Boots would go to one more home before being returned yet again.

It wasn’t until July of this year that Boots’ luck finally began to turn around. Tara A. was ready to adopt again after losing her cat of 17 years. She knew that she wanted an adult cat even though she’d only ever adopted kittens. As she toured the ASPCA Adoption Center, she couldn’t help but stop when she saw Boots. She knew that she had to meet her. 


“She came up to me and head butted my hand, but did not want to come out of her cage. We tried, but she wasn't having it,” says Tara of her first encounter with Boots. Tara went to look at some of the other kitties, but as she met some of them she noticed Boots staring at her from her glass enclosure. “That's when I knew we were meant to be. I gave it some time and thought about it, and every time I would look at her I just knew this was it.”

And so Boots had finally found the right adopter and the perfect home she’d been waiting for. After arriving in her new home, Boots became known as Willow Stormborn and settled in right away. With Willow, Tara has found the perfect addition to her family. “It's been such a magical treat getting to know her. She is amazing,” says Tara. “She greets me at the door, she sleeps next to me, she is very playful, sits next to me when I meditate, and she's a really sweet soul.”


Life as Willow Stormborn has been a seamless transition for the once-homeless kitty. It was as if Tara and Willow were meant to be. “We have our time at home together and alone. She does her thing and I do mine, and then we have our bonding time,” Tara says. “It's been amazing with her. Willow Stormborn has brought so much love and joy back to my life and I hope I am doing the same in hers.”