L.A. Cats Are Still on the Hunt for Homes

April 23, 2020

2 cats

Even in times of uncertainty, the search for a loving family doesn’t stop for homeless pets. We have special animals in our care who need a little extra help on their quests for happy homes. 

In Los Angeles, our sweet adoptable cats are currently in temporary foster homes where they are  receiving plenty of cuddles and playtime, but they would really prefer homes to call their own. This week, we’d like to highlight a couple of kitties who are eagerly waiting for their special someone to spot them. 

If you are not in position to adopt right now, you can still help by sharing these cuties on your social media channels with your friends and family and by spreading the word to Make Pet Adoption Your First Option™.


Cat laying down

West’s preferred direction is straight toward his person! This friendly guy loves to greet his pals by rubbing against their legs. West is a huge fan of hanging out on the couch with his humans. 

Cat bloop

West is a laid-back guy who has a busy schedule of relaxing and snoozing. As an independent cat, he will happily entertain himself, exploring his space for new cozy spots perfect for a cat nap. 

Cat sleeping

If he needs your attention, West will give you a meow. No need to pick him up—he’s not a fan of being held—he is usually asking for extra pets or even a good brushing!


Cat lounging

You can’t miss six-year-old Charlie’s unique look. He is missing his left eye and has an underdeveloped right eye, but this special guy has no idea he’s different. 

Cat sleeping

Despite his blindness, he has plenty of personality. A curious kitty, Charlie is an avid explorer of new places and has the energy of a kitten. 

Cat playing

Are you ready for playtime? Charlie is! At the sound of a crinkle toy, his ears perk up. He can even bat a silent ball around the house as though he can see it. Charlie can be a sociable guy too, and enjoys a game of tag with his cat foster sibling. 

Charlie is not a fan being picked up, likely because it disorients him from familiar surroundings. But he loves affection on his level—chin scratches are his favorite!

Would you like to add a cozy foot-warmer like West to your family? Perhaps you’d like the entertainment of watching Charlie play with his toys? 

Or maybe another of our adorable adoptable cats suits your lifestyle better. If you are interested in any of our available kitties, please complete our online adoption survey today